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14 Reviews and QnA about Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY that you should beware of

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales! Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales is the place to go for a quality pre-owned vehicle, whether you’re in the market for a car, truck, van, or SUV.

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY have helped thousands of people in Western New York get behind the wheel of a reliable car on the spot, regardless of their credit history or ability to make a down payment. Those in need of quick approval, simple financing, and the chance to drive away today need go no further than Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales, which has three sites in Western New York in Buffalo, Lockport, and Niagara Falls.

When looking for a used car, Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY recognize that potential clients do a lot of research. You may acquire all the information you need about a car quickly and easily from Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales, allowing you to spend less time researching and more time enjoying your purchase. Explore the vehicle’s specs, accolades, and EPA rating, and even get the handbook in electronic form.

Don’t forget to peruse our used deals if you’re on the hunt for a bargain. One of the most successful referral programs is offered by Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales. If you recommend 10 people to Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Loan, your vehicle will be paid off and you’ll earn over $2,300 to go toward your loan. More information about Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY referral program may be found on this page.

The best collection of pre-owned autos in all of Western New York can be found at our Buy Here Pay Here dealership. Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales is Western New York’s go-to dealer because Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY provides unmatched service and parts through Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY exclusive service partner, competitive financing rates and terms through Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY exclusive finance company, a complete selection of vehicles available online, and in-depth explanations of our programs’ features and customer benefits.

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY used vehicle lots are conveniently located in Buffalo (2227 Elmwood Ave), Lockport (6145 S. Transit Rd.), and Niagara Falls (9635 Niagara Falls Blvd.) and Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY invites you to stop by!

14 Reviews and QnA about Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY that you should beware of
14 Reviews and QnA about Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY that you should beware of

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Questions and Answers (QnA):

What are the Covid safety practices like here?

Each location continues to follow local, state and CDC guidelines. Customers who choose to use masks while purchasing may do so at any of our three locations in Buffalo, Lockport, and Niagara Falls. With the help of the CDC and New York State regulations, Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Sales will keep working to reduce potential dangers. company places a high value on ensuring the safety and well-being of its clients, neighbors, and staff.

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY team works tirelessly with each customer, keeping their time and safety in mind as Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY gets them on the road and offer them a chance to establish or improve their credit. Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY ha ve made it easy to be pre-approved by developing a three-step Accelerated Approval procedure that can be completed entirely online or over the phone. With a scheduled appointment, Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY may examine your clearance and have you on the road the very same day.

Can a 17 year old buy a car or do a down payment then pay monthly with only having a permit?

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY recently changed to a valid NYS license only. Take a look at their What You’ll Need page. Either way, stop in and learn about their program so they can get you set up once you’re ready! https://www.ezloanauto.com/what-you-ll-need/

Where is the inventory?

The inventory is between all 3 locations (Buffalo, Lockport and Niagara Falls).

Do you have 7 passenger mini vans? Also, is it weekly payments or monthly? How much down payment?

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY currently have 15 7 to 8 passenger mini vans between Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY three locations (Buffalo, Lockport and Niagara Falls), and specifically, they have those in Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY. Payments are bi-weekly!

Why are you selling cars that need work done on top of payments?

Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY do sell USED vehicles. Every vehicle that comes onto Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY lot gets roughly $1,500 worth of reconditioning before they are even test driven. Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY team makes sure each vehicle is responsibly taken care of before they are sold. Also, EVERY VEHICLE gets a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty that covers the large ticket items.

I receive SSI, can I get a loan?

Yeah sure as long as your SSI is enough to cover your bi-weekly payments Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY look at how much income is coming into the house versus the payments you’ll be expected to make if they think that you will have trouble making the payments it won’t allow you to get the car if you have enough income after your utility bills rent and all your expenses you can get the car.

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Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY Reviews

Please Note: All of the reviews written below were scraped from Google Reviews. You can verify it by going to https://www.google.com/search?q=ez+auto+loan+niagara+falls+ny&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x89d368a2786b0971:0x622d70620518c273,1,,,

7 Positive Reviews

  1. “Everyone was very friendly and helpful at the Niagara Falls location. I would highly recommend E Z loan to anyone needing a vehicle.” – Melanie.
  2. “The service I received was awesome to walking into the store all the staff introduced themselves to me an my car salesmen Taylor was the best very polite from the time i walked in he had a smile on his face I got approved for my car an was driving my car within 45 minutes speedy service.” – Rachel.
  3. “Great group of people! Salesman was phenomenal and very up front with his sales. You can tell he isn’t in it for the paycheck. If I could give ten stars I would!” – Noble.
  4. “I stopped in to EZ Loan in NF at 2pm and was driving by 6pm. I worked with Taylor and LuAnn, both absolutely incredible. Aside from the warm welcome, knowledge.. they answered all the questions I had with a personal approach. So far no issues with my vehicle & I’m so satisfied with the service I received!” – C W.
  5. “That work well with people. Easy going and quick approval. Will definitely recommend.” – High V.
  6. “We bought another vehicle from EZ loan last month. This is our third, and second one from Taylor. Extremely personable and accommodating, he presents the best mix of professionalism and down to earth abilities. Thank you!” – Brion.
  7. “Let me start by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Jeep Compass . EZ Loan Auto on Niagara Falls Blvd. is hands down the best Auto Loan place there is . Their receptionist / scheduler Luann is so kind and welcoming . I was a random walk-in and immediately she greeted me asked how she could be of assistance. Within a few minutes she set up an appointment with their lead sales person Taylor for the next day . When I came back , Taylor was waiting for me with a smile and a fleet of options to choose from . The approval process was fairly easy and fast . Although the compass was originally unavailable , Taylor listened and heard all of my concerns and wants and did not stop showing me vehicle options until I was absolutely sure I had found the one I wanted . The General Manager John Gambino was in this day and informed us the compass was actually available and Taylor even had it brought over from another location for a test drive etc. With the help of these three amazing people , I was able to drive away in my dream truck and could not be happier . THANK YOU EZ LOAN AUTO – Niagara Falls Blvd.” – Princess.

7 Negative Reviews

  1. “Service sucks. Car has had nothing but issues since day one. Been in and out of the shop and nothing was ever covered under my warranty. Always paid out of pocket. I’ll never send anyone here for a vehicle. I’m ready to drop the car off walk away and save almost $400 a month.” – Briana.
  2. “E-Z Loan is a good dealership unless your vehicle breaks down. Purchased a Jeep Patriot less than 5 months ago and put less than 5000 miles on it and nothing is being done about the vehicle. They say we have to put a $500 deposit for a vehicle that’s still under warranty. Transmission is totally shot and with no leaks says to me it was serviced before sold. Checked by personal from auto zone and 2 different mechanics and the same answer. Vehicle was sold with no or low transmission fluid and bad bad switches and sensors.” – Arico.
  3. “I got a vehicle from them and they set the intrest rate at over 20% made all my payments on time had under 5K left called to get a lower intrest rate they said No their charging new car intrest rate from used car and not taking care of those who do pay their bills on time. I’m sorry I cant promote this it’s bad business.” – Patrick.
  4. “1 week after obtaining a vehicle from these fraudulent people I told them I didn’t want the vehicle after it blew up on the Grand island bridge. I was told I was stuck with the vehicle. After 5k in repairs, (my only late payments being those caused from the amount of repairs I had to make to a faulty vehicle) they moved payments around and I was never late nor missed one. I lost my job due to covid and continued making my payments. My mother fell ill with a grade IV glioblastoma and passed away 2 months after diagnosis. I had to take care of my mother and after the transmission went on the car I told them to come pick it up because I couldn’t repair the car and afford to take care of my dying mother. Well, my mom passed 5/25/21. Today I received a call demanding I pay the $5000 owed on the vehicle that shouldn’t have ever been given to anyone off that lot (and they knew it) (I have also had an outside mechanic verify that the car should not have been sold and the damage was of none of my own doing). The person who called me today SCREAMED at me and yelled at me and told me that I WILL MEET THEIR RESOLUTION demands with NO regards to my mothers passing. I stated I would be able to work something out in 2-3 weeks as us burying our mother took Precedence over this situation. The man continued to yell and be extremely disrespectful and told me: forget it we will just take you to court and get a judgement on you. I stated: You are refusing a resolution, as I have stated I am willing to resolve the matter however I can’t do so until 2/3 weeks. He continued to yell and threaten me and be extremely heartless and I would NEVER recommend doing business with such people EVER.” – L R.
  5. “I would say no stars This place is a joke I purchased the jeep from them not even 2 weeks later the check engine light was on they said they fixed the problem when I took it in .2 weeks more the check engine light is on again Call them made an appointment then my vehicle wouldn’t start call to talk to the warranty dept. had the most rudest guy on the phone telling me I shouldn’t be upset because how old the vehicle is The 2008 jeep wasnt even 2 months old when this happened ( I understand it’s a used car ! )but this shouldnt happen 2 weeks after you buy it .Now I’m going through so much problems with it . I’m not taking it to the warranty people because they’re trying to charge me $500 I took it to another garage they fixed it for 200 hopefully there’s no more problems with it but now my airbag light is on .There is no help when I call the Warranty or easy loan this place is ridiculous I will highly not recommend this place I will never purchase a car through them again I wish I never did I figured because I already have my name on a vehicle that this place will be easy to get a sec vehicle But the way the vehicle is acting I might as well have bought a car off the side of the road making me wish I went to a real dealership not a fake cheap sketchy place I regret it so much Not alone how the people are on the phone To think the customer is always right to think they have a customer service to think they would like to be nice so they can get more customers they tried to offer you a $100 I wouldn’t even recommend someone I hate to go to this place NEVER NEVER AGAIN !!!!! I will be talking to a lawyer about this.” – Suzzana.
  6. “I would give a -5 stars if I could! Tim sold me a vehicle that was over the KBB price. I asked him to come down a bit, but he ensured me that the vehicle was well worth it because of all the extra work they put into the car. Well I am not sure what work he was talking about, because after only have the car for 7 months we found out the sub frame had been rotted. By time winter passed, the sub frame was completely rotted out and my car was shifting off the frame. The battery was over 6 years old, as well as the alternator. There was corrosion all over the battery and alternator. I called Tim and told them they should do something about that and they were not even considering helping with the sub frame until I threatened to take it to court. Tim’s exact words ‘well it happens on that type of car.’ Well Tim, if its common on this car, don’t you think that’s something the buyer would like to know!?” – Amber.
  7. “Terrible, they charge the absolute maximum interest rate allowed by law on ALL their loans and the cars suck. They make them look all clean and new on the outside when in reality the vehicles need costly repairs that they don’t want to pay to fix. We purchased a Honda Civic from them, when not even a week later, the “check engine” light came on, we took it to our mechanic and was told that it needed $1500+ plus in work. We called ez-auto and were essentially told, it’s not their problem. And for all the 5 star reviews for this place, look at the accounts that wrote them, all only have one review and no profile picture of any type, meaning that there’s a 99% chance that they are fake and written by management. So please if you took the time to read all of this, don’t go here they will be all nice at first, but will secretly rob you blind. You claim that your trying to help people improve their credit when in reality your looking to make the most money possible allowed by law, the “financing company” along with the so called “warranty company” is owned by the same group that owns the “e-z loan” dealerships where the cars are sold. This means that their not trying to get you the best deal possible like other car dealerships do that submit loan applications to multiple lenders, the only one they go through is their sister corporation, Buffalo Auto Acceptance Corporation, meaning even if someone could get a better, lower interest rate/loan from a traditional lender, they would never be informed of it. As for you claiming to invest $1500 into every vehicle, that is a blatant lie. No business would invest $1500 dollars into vehicles with a Kelley blue book value of half that amount, the only investments in the vehicles are to make them more cosmetically appealing to make them sell easier. As for the “warranty” when we tried to contact the warranty company, everything that needed repaired was not covered even though the problems had to have been present before we purchased the vehicle. As for the reviews, how stupid do you think I am? You have HUNDREDS of raving 5-star reviews, and yet not a single one of the accounts that wrote the reviews have any activity aside from reviewing your business? That is more than just a fluke or coincidence, they were clearly fabricated as anyone who uses google regularly would recognize. This place is an absolute joke, do not go here, they use predatory (albeit legal) loan/business practices to get the maximum amount of money for POS cars. They will act as if they are a light in a dark tunnel, but in reality they are a demon dressed in a saints clothing. Oh, and as for my username, I can use whatever I want, in fact google recommends not using your name as your username, besides I wouldn’t want you crooks knowing my real name anyway.” – Faceless.


Ez auto loan, especially in Niagara Falls NY, offer car dealer in Niagara Falls, New York. Ez auto loan Niagara Falls NY has 299 google reviews and average rating of 4.8/5.0 stars as of writing. Their Service options are In-store shopping, In-store pickup, and Delivery.

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