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8 Interesting Reasons Why Your Jeep Compass Won’t Start But Has Power – Causes and How to Fix Them

If you are here, you must know that the Jeep Compass is a reliable, comfortable, and luxurious road companion. Though there may come a time where you may end up asking yourself why your Jeep Compass won’t start but has power clearly showing. Many fail to realize that it’s not just one big vehicle, but rather a machine comprised of hundreds of interconnecting parts that should one of them go wrong, can lead to operation failure.

Jeep Compass won't start but has power
Jeep Compass 2020

In actuality, there can be multiple reasons on why a Jeep Compass won’t start but has power clearly showing. In this article, we will be tackling most of the common reasons and the possible solutions you can take to solve such problem and get your car back into tip-top shape!

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Why Your Jeep Compass Won’t Start But Has Power Showing?

As previously mentioned, there can be multiple reasons as to why. Certain scenarios like being exposed to extreme weather conditions such as being too hot or cold, can cause your car’s battery to not be able to control the start of your engine. But for convenience’s sake, here’s a small list of possible reasons on why your Jeep Compass won’t start but has power:

  • Lack of Fuel
  • Diminished Car Battery
  • Unfit Battery Capability
  • Dead Battery
  • Clogged Fuel Line
  • Damaged Alternator
  • Faulty Oil Viscosity
  • Faulty Starter

Great Solutions for When Your Jeep Compass Won’t Start But Has Power On

Having discussed up to eight different possible reasons as to why your Jeep Compass won’t start but has power, and since we are now more familiar with each possible reason. We can now discuss the solutions that are appropriate for each of the eight reasons.

1. Lack of Fuel

If you are wondering why your Jeep Compass won’t start but has power, knowing that the battery is still alive, you should immediately check the fuel gauge of your Jeep Compass.

Who knows, you might have just forgotten to get a refill at a gas station, or you might already have, in which case, at least you know that your vehicle has a fuel leak.

2. Diminished Car Battery

One of the most common reason for a Jeep Compass won’t start but has power, is a diminished battery. In such a case, you must check the battery’s capacity. A car battery that is out of juice will simply not run even if you had a full gas tank.

3. Unfit Battery Capability

As stated above, in extreme weather conditions, it might get too hot or too cold for the battery to even gather enough juice to start your engine. In which case, you must make sure to have a battery that has cranking capacity.

4. Dead Battery

When the going gets rough, and your Jeep Compass won’t start but has power, it might just be the feeble attempts of the engine to start with a dead battery. A dead battery occurs when the battery loses too much juice that it won’t be capable of starting again normally. But here’s where it gets a little complicated. You have two possible solutions, both of which are worth trying out. The first one is jump-starting your car.

To jump-start your car, you’ll need working jumper cables and a battery with juice (a working battery). Then here’s a step-by-step process.

  1. Line up both batteries. For convenience of connecting the cables.
  2. Connect the red jump lead. Remember, red means positive, and the connection should be positive to positive.
  3. Connect the black jump lead. Black means negative, and it should be negative to negative.
  4. Start the engine. See if it works, if the problem persists, then it’s recommended to replace your current battery with a new one.

The second solution is to simply jump to buying a new battery replacement.

5. Clogged Fuel Line

Another reason would be if the fuel line had a blockage. If the fuel can’t even get to the engine properly, then you can forget about getting the engine started. Especially in cold weather, where condensation can build up in the gas tank. With enough build up, it can block up the fuel line. Which is why, when the fuel line is clogged, you have to clean it up right out.

You may use a vacuum cleaner or a plunger, either way, if you clear up the blockage, it will be good to go.

6. Faulty Oil Viscosity

You must always make sure to get your oil’s viscosity properly. In another showcase of extreme weather conditions, thinner and low viscosity oils help the engine start in colder weathers. While thicker and higher viscosity oils help the engine start in hotter temperatures. So never forget, always use the right viscosity of oil.

7. Damaged Alternator

The alternator can be one of the reasons you’d ask yourself why the Jeep Compass won’t start when it has power. It helps the battery of your vehicle recharge on the move, so if it fails to recharge power to the battery it will cause the vehicle to stop working. So simply, replace the bad alternator.

8. Faulty Starter

Unfortunately, while the other problems can have multiple ways of solving the predicament. There is no other solution to a faulty starter but to replace the starter with a new one.


Your vehicle is not one big gear, but rather combinations of smaller gears and cogs all working together to function. This is why it is the utmost of importance to always maintain your vehicle’s most essential parts. If you fail to do so, well, it is then when you’ll ask yourself, why your Jeep Compass won’t start but has power clearly showing?

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