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Best Answer to Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer? (2022)

Being involved in a car accident case can be a stressful ordeal. Unreliable attorneys representing you can make you ask, “Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer?”

can i change my car accident lawyerFacing insurance companies as well as aggressive defendant attorneys or plaintiff attorneys (depending on which side of the fence you are on) is a very daunting task when your own lawyer representing you feels sleazy or untrustworthy. In such a case, you might ask yourself the question, “Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer?

Here are some things you need to know about changing attorneys in a car accident case:

Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer?

Yes, you can usually switch car accident lawyers in most cases. This is because in general, you will always have the right to choose whoever attorney you want to represent you. Most of the time, even if you were to change your mind about whichever you want to be your lawyer, you are given the express right to switch and get a new attorney. Of course, there are some limitations but in regular cases, you are always allowed to switch lawyers at any stage during your case.

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Why Would You Consider Changing Your Car Accident Lawyer?

There are multiple reasons on why you would ask, “Can I change my car accident lawyer?” It can be as simple as getting a gut feeling that something just isn’t right with the way their lawyer represents them, in which case, here are some of the more common reasons on why people ask themselves, can I change my car accident lawyer:

  • The lawyer won’t return calls or emails. In such a case, it just simply won’t do if the attorney you chose to represent you is being unresponsive, especially in a time-sensitive situation such as a car accident case.
  • It seems like your case lacks direction. In such a scenario, you really must change the lawyer representing you, in order to have a better chance at a successful case and a better, more direct representation.
  • You want to go one direction, but your lawyer insists on doing something else. The attorney must always respect and review all the options available to the person they are representing. If a few options are available, and you choose one, the attorney must do their best in achieving said option.
  • The lawyer’s strategy doesn’t make any sense. If you, a normal person, cannot make sense of the angle your lawyer wants to take despite explaining in layman’s terms, what more are the experienced and knowledgeable officials involved that have literally studied to understand your case.
  • They don’t seem to have a strategy at all. This is simply a no-brainer. You must not leave your fate in the hands of an attorney that doesn’t seem to know what they are doing.
  • You want to understand the legal proceedings, but your lawyer does not seem interested in keeping you in the loop. To those that are not knowledgeable in the intricacies of the law, you would expect the person representing you to be more understanding and in tune, patiently explaining to you your rights.
  • The lawyer pressures you to accept a settlement that you are not okay with. Lawyer to represented pressure is never okay, in which it’s very understandable to ask if can I change my car accident lawyer.
  • Lack of trust with your lawyer. If you cannot trust your lawyer, nor have faith that they will have your back, then the question, “Can I change my car accident lawyer?” is something you can wholly ask.
  • An instinctive gut feeling that your lawyer isn’t doing their job properly. As previously stated, with something as simple as a gut feeling, you are still fully allowed to switch lawyers.
  • Death or disbarment of your attorney. Simply self-explanatory. An attorney that is not fit to represent you anymore must be replaced.

How Would I Go About Switching Attorneys in a Car Accident Case?

Asking the question, “Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer?” won’t just suddenly give you a new one, having established that it is allowed. You will still need to follow a process. The process you’ll follow will entirely depend on where you are at in your case. If you have already filed a court case, you will need to do what’s called a substitution of counsel. In simpler terms, it is a formal notice to the court and to the other parties involved in the case that you are changing attorneys.

If you haven’t formally filed your court case yet, it is much easier to switch lawyers. Just simply notify your new attorney, and they will then tell your old lawyer that you are switching lawyers. In addition, your new lawyer has the opportunity to inform the insurance company as well as the other parties of your new representation.

What Are The Reasons That You Can’t Switch Lawyers in the Middle of the Case?

The few limitations that bars your question of, can I change my car accident lawyer, is if it will delay the case. The court’s time is valuable, if they have reason to believe that it will delay the case, the court will not allow you to change attorneys.

Another limitation would be if your new lawyer had a conflict of interest with the case at hand. Maybe the attorney represents one of the parties in another capacity, or maybe they have an ongoing conflict with the judge overseeing the case.


If you ask yourself, “Can I change my car accident lawyer?” Then the simple answer is yes. It can have a multitude of reasons, most of which support the one being represented in their question of can I change my car accident lawyer. However, there are limitations that will not allow you to change, them being if it will delay the court’s time, or because of a conflict of interest.