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(Solved) Bumble you’ve hit the end of the line – How to Fix

So you were swiping on profiles, and at some point, you get a message on the Bumble app saying, “you’ve hit the end of the line.” Wondering what this mean? Well, it’s not a technical issue, as you may have thought. This article covers everything you need to know

Bumble you’ve hit the end of the line – What does this mean?

When you see the notification, “you’ve hit the end of the line” on Bumble, it simply means that you’ve used up the number of swipes assigned to you that day.

Bumble and other popular dating apps like Tinder have a swipe limit assigned to every user per day.

So, if you’ve used it up, you won’t be able to swipe till the end of the day — you just have to wait until the feature resets.

Moreover, if you’ve reached your daily limit and try to swipe again, you’ll get a message telling you that you’ve hit the end of the line. 

This is exactly what happens on Bumble.

At first, anyone who sees the message will probably think it works like the Facebook app, where you scroll for a while until you see the “see more” button.

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But after noticing nothing like the “see more” button on Bumble, you’ll know that the message probably means entirely something different.

Since the platform had begun gaining many users regularly, they had to develop different rules and policies to help keep their platform safe.

That said, one of the features they released is the swipe limit feature.

With this feature, the platform is able to gain control and give each user a limit on how many users you can see or explore per day.

That way, users won’t be wasting their swipes but will use them when they find potential dates attractive to them.

As a matter of fact, even users that are on subscription plans on the platform don’t have access to unlimited swipes. However, their swipe limit will be increased. Hence, whether you’re a free or premium user, you’re still bound to a number of swipes daily.

In addition, it is essential to note that Bumble only limits the number of right swipes and likes for each user. Whereas you can swipe left on as many profiles as you want without limits.

How long does the bumble “you’ve hit the end of the line” last?

As soon as you finish using all the right swipes assigned to you in a day, it takes 24 hours for your limit to be reset and your account ready to swipe on profiles again.

And in case you’re wondering whether it will be reset overnight — it won’t. The 24 hours time frame must be completed before the swipes will be reset.

This means if you reached your swipe limit by 1 pm today, you must wait till 1 pm tomorrow before swiping right on profiles again. Therefore, I suggest that you try using your right swipes in the morning so that the next day, your swipes will be available in the morning.

Meanwhile, if you think you would get bored before the 24 hours are completed, you can try swiping left on profiles if you think you won’t match. 

How many swipes do you get per day on Bumble?

The thing is, there is no specific swipe limit, and it varies for every user. Bumble has also decided not to reveal this information, probably to ensure that users don’t misuse them. Some users are allowed up to 30 swipes per day, while some others get only about 15–20 per day. But on average, you can expect to get between 25–30 right swipes per day.

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Anyways, my advice for you is to ensure you only swipe right on a profile if you think you would like to start a conversation with that person. That way, you will minimize the use of your swipe limit and, at the same time, get what you signed up for.

Can you reset Bumble swipe limit? And how?

You may be disappointed about this, but Bumble does not provide any option or way to reset the swipe limit yourself.

Both free and premium users are not permitted to reset this limit by themselves. So, if you probably think you can do it as a premium user, well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not possible. Asides from that, you can not take back any swipe you’ve performed on any profile to use it on another profile. 

The only way you can possibly reset Bumble swipe limit is if you delete your account and create another one again.

But surely, no one will want to try that just to get swipes again. Who closes their account, loses their matches, and opens a new one every time just to get more swipes?

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Moreover, you will have to verify your account every time you create a new account, which of course, will be stressful. And that is the more reason why no one will even want to try out this method. 


If you’re new to Bumble, there will likely be some things you don’t understand they work — one of these may be the “you’ve reached the end of the line” message the app sends its users. In this article, we’ve looked into what this message means and what to expect as a Bumble user regarding swipes.