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Can you Reset Hinge Matches? And How?

Hinge basically shows you great profiles based on your preferences and location, especially as a new user. But after some time, matches shown on dating apps, including Hinge, lose quality and may no longer be what you expect. In that case, can you reset Hinge matches to find better potential matches? Find out in this article.

Why Reset Hinge matches?

Hinge’s algorithm, like other dating apps, will show you profiles it thinks are a great match for you. It does this, especially to new users, and shows them cool profiles to ensure that they stick around on the app. But you know, algorithms can’t always be right.

So, in the long run, you might start seeing profiles you have no slight interest in on your timeline.

Moreover, there are times when the Hinge algorithm doesn’t even know whose profile to show you again, probably because of your location or other information. Sometimes, it’s because it has shown you all the users that fit your preferences.

So, the algorithm mostly resolves to show you the same profiles repeatedly, hence recycling profiles.

In some cases, these profiles are those you’ve already used the “X” button on. And that may lead you to use the “X” button on them once again without finding any new potential match.

But what do you do to override the Hinge algorithm and get what you expect or something close to it? The answer is simple — you need to reset your Hinge matches.

By doing that, you will find new matches that you couldn’t get before resetting your profile. And these matches are usually what you will expect since they’re not shown to you based on your previous information.

Can you reset hinge matches?

Although Hinge does not provide a feature that does this at the moment, you can reset your account so that you can get new potential matches that will best fit your criteria.

However, there’s a disadvantage to this — it’s not possible to only reset Hinge matches with your account still intact, at least for now. This means you will lose all your Hinge data, such as chats, matches, and conversations. 

That is because you need to delete your Hinge account and app and then create a new account with details you’ve never used for the app before.

This is done to help you prevent Hinge’s algorithm from detecting that you’ve previously used the app but to make it think you’re a first-timer. (If Hinge finds out you’re not actually a new user, your account may be flagged, restricted, or permanently banned).

So after ensuring that you create a new account, without the platform suspecting anything, Hinge will begin to feed you with matches that have a high chance of matching with you, based on this new user’s data.

However, you must be aware that resetting your profile is not something that should be taken lightly and cannot be done every time you want. It’s meant to be done only once to help you come up with a new and fresh profile. But that’s not to say you can’t do it again — even though doing it again will not be as effective as doing it once. That is why you should only try it if you’re very much ready to go for a brand-new profile. 

Meanwhile, before you think about resetting your profile, ensure you’ve made changes to your preferences to see how well it improves.

And if, after you’ve tried tweaking everything you can on your profile, you don’t get what you want, then you can resolve to reset your account.

Just know that the best time you can reset your profile is when you’ve upgraded a lot of things about yourself — for example, your appearance. That is because you’ll only be resetting your profile once and must ensure it is as elegant as possible.

How to reset hinge matches

Now that we’ve discussed the possibility of resetting your Hinge matches, you want to know how to reset Hinge matches. Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Delete your account

First, you need to delete your account and cancel all subscriptions you’ve made in the app. For example, PayPal, Google Wallet, and others  — ensure you remove your subscription to the app. You also need to unlink the account from Facebook if that’s what you used for signing up.

You can do this by navigating from Facebook settings > Apps & Websites > Select Logged in with Facebook > Select Hinge app > Select Remove App > Confirm the request.

Moreover, make sure you verify that your account has been deleted. Some apps require you to fill out some forms or verify the account deletion through links sent to emails, so ensure you check for these emails.

2. Delete your Hinge app

Now that you have deleted your account, you also need to delete your Hinge app. There may still be some data stored in your device relating to your account as long as the app is still installed. To remove those data, you need to delete the Hinge app to ensure that everything has been totally removed.

3. Create a new account

Now, you will download the app again and create a new account. Now, you won’t be using your Facebook account or your personal phone number for the account — if you do, it’ll be very easy for Hinge to know you’ve once opened an account with them. In contrast, you’ll be using a phone number provided by Google Voice.

All you need to do is search for ‘Google Voice’ on Google. After that, you will be asked to log in to Google Voice with your Gmail account. When you log in, you’ll be given a phone number. It’s this phone number you’ll use to create the Hinge account and receive the verification code. Ensure to keep the Google Voice page open when creating the new Hinge account since that’s where the verification code will be sent so that you can easily get the code.

When all is done, your account will be created with the new details. The Hinge algorithm will now begin to feed you according to what your profile portrays.

4. Ensure you don’t link to your previously used details

After you’ve successfully logged in, you still need to ensure you stick to some rules to avoid getting your account banned at the end of the day.

First, you must not link any payment details of the first account into this new account. Since the Hinge app doesn’t always reveal what it can do, it’s possible it knows that payment detail has been used on another account. Thus, putting your new account in danger.

In addition, ensure you don’t link any of your social media accounts that you’ve used in your former account. If you have other social media accounts not used in the first Hinge account, you can link them to this. You should just make sure they haven’t been linked to any Hinge account before.


While the Hinge app can make you meet your dream match, it can also make you meet people you won’t be interested in. And if the app continues to show you those you don’t have an interest in, you may want to reset your Hinge matches to fit your needs if possible. In this article, we’ve looked at how to reset Hinge matches.