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Is Sleeping In A 2 Door Jeep Wrangler Safe?

Is Sleeping In A 2 Door Jeep Wrangler Safe

You might have gone camping once in a while and this question might have gone through your brain, “Is sleeping in a 2 door Jeep Wrangler safe?” Well, that is definitely a very, very good question to ask! Especially when you’ve heard of people suddenly dying while sleeping in a car… The picture above seems … Read more

Luxurious Honda Pioneer 700-4: Safari Dream Awaits!

Have you ever thought about living the safari lifestyle? Maybe you’d love a life that is intertwined with nature? Then get ready for the Honda Pioneer 700-4! With its sexy, yet quite futuristic design, you might as well get ready to live your modern Jurassic Park life. This baby doesn’t just sport the sleek, futuristic … Read more

How Great Is The Yamaha Raptor 700?

yamaha rhino 700

If you have been snooping around my articles at i-Polls.com, you’d see one of my articles about the Yamaha Rhino 700. Well this one’s the Yamaha Raptor 700! While the former was the lovechild between an ATV and a pick-up truck, this one’s more heavily weighed on the ATV-side of the spectrum. From just a … Read more

Is The Cool Yamaha Rhino 700 The Vehicle For You?

Yamaha Rhino 700

If you’re an outdoors person, you might have come across one of these cool, off-road buggy type cars. Though they might look smaller than a standard vehicle, the Yamaha Rhino 700 is much more capable than you might think! It certainly has an interesting appearance, you might even get a feeling of deja-vu in seeing … Read more