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Does Adam and Eve send mail? (2022)

So, you are wondering if Adam and Eve can send mail to your address before making an online purchase, or are you worried about them leaving you with a frustrating bombardment of mail afterwards? Read on, let us understand how this mail market works at being discreet and your option to not getting mails.

Does Adam and Eve send mail?

Adam and Eve do need to mail your purchased items if you did so through their online stores. However, currently, they no longer send out physical mails to billing addresses aside from purchased goods, due to dismissals of the mailing catalogs.

If we’re talking about mails being sent to your email address, then yes, you should expect that often – they do send out promotional emails and email correspondence regarding your orders.

But thankfully, emails are not a bridge to privacy, as most Adam and Eve customers are usually concerned about their privacy.

Unless you make use of a public, family, or group email address. Still yet, you could still get over receiving emails from Adam and Eve.

That aside, do you think Adam and Eve do send mail as most eCommerce platforms?a mail box - does adam and eve send mails

Fortunately, Adam and Eve, one of the largest retailers for adult novelty toys and entertainment, are known for their discretion in packaging and delivery of purchased items.

They have utmost acknowledgement and respect for privacy and therefore, they ask for as minimal personal information as possible.

Just like every other company out there, Adam and Eve need to keep you, as a customer, coming back to make purchases.

And since the products sold on the platform are not something to make boast of or display publicly, the company makes it delivery systems private.

This includes making an anonymous package with no packages and as well, not sending physical mails to users.

However, they will keep sending promotional “emails.”

It is also great to know at this point that you have total control over the emails you receive from this adult toy company.

Why does Adam and Eve need your address?

If you are making purchases online, you certainly need the items delivered to you. Don’t you?

Whether you are wondering why Adam and Eve need your physical address or your email address, here’s what you need to know.

Your physical or billing address is only needed for the accurate and timely delivery of your online purchased items. So you don’t need to worry about the idea of getting physical mails to the address you inputted on the company’s mobile app.

If you are concerned about your privacy, don’t fret, this brand is well known for their high level of discretion.

So, neither the mailman nor your nosy neighbor will notice what is being dropped off.

Coming to the email address, your email address is also only needed to keep track of your orders and deliveries. You do know that the company has to keep you on track from the point of payment to receive your purchased items, right?

Does Adam and Eve send catalogs?

As of 2022, Adam and Eve ceased sending out catalogs as they have stopped production. This was made, as a result of the spike in people that order products from the company online, making the catalogs almost useless to the majority of customers.

The automatically mailed catalogs from Adam and Eve used to be the only mail customers receive, after making their first other.

This was a big catch to most of its customers in the old days. However, the company has made official announcement to the end of this feature.

The reason to this? Well, this is a result of the majority of its users sticking to their website, which is almost identical to the the catalog.

This could be quite disappointing if you are old-fashioned and appreciate going through the pages of a book, cover to cover.

But then, think green and all the trees being saved. Pheww! That feels much better right?

You most certainly have nothing to miss, as you can go through their website to have a good (and colorful) view of all their available products. Place an order there and have it delivered right at your address- discreetly.

But then, if collection of vintage items is your thing, look out for online vendors of collectibles to get old copies of original Adam & Eve shop-by-mail catalogs added to your collections. Best start at eBay.

Does Adam and Eve send junk mail?

As we earlier stated, Adam and Eve no longer send mail of any sort to users. In other words, you shouldn’t expect junk mail to your delivery address.

Coming to emails…

Yes. Most likely, depending on what you term as junk mail.

Adam and Eve do send promotional emails, which are quite important and useful as they always carry information on discounts and freebies, but some find it littering.

Just be careful of the information you give out online and if it bothers you, restrict the kind of emails Adam and Eve can send to you.

Can you stop Adam and Eve mails from getting delivered? And How?

Yes, you can stop Adam and Eve mails from being delivered to you. The default email preference in your account is set to send you daily emails from Adam and Eve until you change that setting.


Log into your account and head over to the email preferences section to change the settings. To opt out, simply remove the check-mark right there on the setting.

Do note here that you can only opt-out from promotional emails but will keep getting email correspondence regarding your orders.

And what if you can not access your account or do not even have an account with them? Simply send an opt out request to the Adam and Eve customer service.


Does Adam and Eve send mail to the billing address?

No. Just like earlier stated, Adam and Eve has discontinued their catalog production. Therefore, you will not be getting any mail to your billing address aside from the products you ordered.

Does Adam and Eve send mail to your house

  • Yes. If you made any purchase online and have your house address as the billing address, expect it to be mailed to your house. Aside from that, NO.