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Does Bumble change your profile picture automatically?

Have you ever logged into Bumble app and find out that your profile picture has been changed, without you being the one who changed it? If you’ve experienced such before, you would probably ask yourself, “does Bumble change your profile picture automatically?” Find out the answer to that question in this article.

Does bumble change your profile picture automatically?

Yes. Bumble does change users’ profile pictures automatically.

However, it doesn’t happen for everyone — only to those who enable a feature called “best photo.” This feature first helps you to make a choice by picking a good photo which will be used as your profile picture. The photo will be selected from a few of the photos you have used as your profile picture on the app. 

In addition, Bumble tracks which image garner the most swipes as you update your photos. That data is then used to select which photo goes first by picking the one with the highest right swipes.

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Whenever the Bumble algorithm notices that one of your pictures gets many right swipes, it believes that the photo is a good one.

Therefore, this best photo feature gathers data regarding all your photos to help you make decisions based on data. Moreover, it has been noted that users saw up to a 12% increase in matches when using the best photo feature, which is small, but not insignificant.

Now, the feature only gets data for your first three pictures you use on the app. It compares these three photos and finds out the best one by looking for the one with the highest likes or right swipes. After that, it brings the photo up as your profile picture (even though you didn’t do that yourself). 

You can enable this feature if you think you would like to see how it works. Here’s how:

  • Open the app, firstly.
  • Go to your profile page, next.
  • Tap “Edit profile” or “Complete my profile” option on the profile page

Go to your photo selection section, and you should see the “Best photo” feature below it. Click on the button beside the feature to enable it.

Why does Bumble change my profile picture?

If Bumble has ever changed your profile picture for you before, you’d definitely want to know why it has done that.

Bumble app wants to ensure that as long as you’re on their app, you get what you signed up for — that is, matches and dates.

Now, the app understands that many things can influence how easily you can find dates, one of which is your profile picture. 

In addition, it understands that you may sometimes find it hard to choose the best picture for your profile.

Imagine having a picture with cool background and shade, and another one taken at sunset near a beach. In that case, you may start contemplating on which one is more beautiful or will look great on your profile. 

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That is why Bumble has introduced the Best Photo feature to help you make a good decision regarding your profile picture.

Bumble knows how important your profile can be as you find dates. Therefore, it helps you choose your best photo, which increases your chance of getting more matches and dates. So, the short answer is that Bumble changes your profile picture to fit what potential dates would love.

Which picture does Bumble show first?

By default, there are six slots for photos on Bumble, but the first one in the list is what will first be displayed to another user as a profile photo. So, if you have imported only one picture, then that picture is what will always be displayed. However, if you import two or more photos, Bumble looks at the one at the first slot and displays it first.

So, in the case of the Best Photo feature, your best photo will be placed automatically placed in the first slot. And that means your profile photo will be automatically changed to the picture in that first slot.

How can I change my profile picture on Bumble?

So, you’ve taken another cool picture that you think will look great on your Bumble profile, and you wonder how to change your profile picture. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, make sure you’re logged in to your account
  • While on the dashboard, tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner
  • Next, you’ll see the option, “edit profile.” It’s the first option, just below your profile picture (if you already have any).
  • Now, on the page that opens, you should see a “+” button. Click on this button to add a new picture.
  • You’ll now see a “choose media” pop-up that asks you to select where you’re importing the photo from. 

And that’s it! You’ve successfully changed your profile picture.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that you can add up to six photos to your profile. But the first one on the list is what will be displayed to other users as your profile picture.


Since your profile picture is a crucial part when trying to match with other users and find dates, Bumble tries to help you choose rightly. That is why Bumble changes your profile picture automatically, even without you knowing. You may have once noticed that your profile picture changed when you didn’t do it yourself. Well, that probably means the Best Photo feature did it. In any case, it does this in your best interest.


Does Bumble rearrange your pictures?

Yes. Bumble rearranges pictures. It automatically does that for the first three pictures you upload to the app. After analyzing the engagements those photos received, it automatically rearranges those photos, with the most popular one coming in the first slot.