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Does Bumble Recycle Profiles? Here’s What to know

So, you accidentally swiped left on a profile you haven’t thought about and would probably be interested in.  Do you think Bumble recycle profiles? Read on to find out.

Does Bumble Recycle Profiles?

Yes. Occasionally, bumble does recycle profiles. But for a profile to be recycled, it might take a while; probably, a month, two, or three, depending on the algorithm. 

Overtime, Bumble has been one of the game changers in the dating industry.

However, these unique features by bumble developers have made them stand out.

You may have been scrolling (swiping) through the dating app, but mistakenly swiped left, unknowingly

Or maybe, you just wanted to know how well the Hinge algorithm works. Whether you could still be referred to a person whom you have swiped left on, in the past, or not.

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Based on this, you might want to know if Bumble does recycle profiles to users.

The simple answer is Yes. You could get a profile shown back to you on Bumble, even if you had swiped left on it. However, this doesn’t happen always.

First off, to make things clear. Bumble does not recycle profiles you swiped right on. It can only recycle a profile which it feels you might be interested in, even though you had swiped left on previously.

Bumble’s algorithm is a little more advanced compared to other dating platform.

If you have swiped left on a profile on bumble in the past. The Bumble algorithm sees two notion:

  1. You’re not interested in the user profile
  2. You did that accidentally

If the Bumble’s algorithm detects that you’re actually have nothing to do with the user profile, it immediately gets them blacklisted from your newsfeed forever.

On the other hand, there’s also some chance that you swiped left accidentally. So, it does take note of that.Does Bumble Recycle Profiles: A guy swiping through the Bumble app

But how does it know?

Well, a profile could be recycled back to your feed, when the user swiped right on your profile, even though you swiped left on theirs.

In addition to this, there are still many other factors that are put in place.

How Often Does Bumble Show Your Profile?

Bumble usually shows your profile to other users based on how active your account is (How often you swipe right profiles), your pictures, how popular your profile is on bumble, and much more.

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I have seen users leaving low reviews on the google play store about bumble not showing their profiles to others.

However, in cases like this, the bumble algorithm is programmed to show the best profiles to users, active profiles, and don’t have many people from their locations.

For instance, if you want to have a date with someone from your location, and there are many users on bumble, there will be a limit on how your profile would be shown to others.

But if you have low registered users from your location on bumble, your profile could be shown more often.

Also, bumble often shows your profile to people based on your popularity, lifestyle, origin, finance, career, country of residence, country of origin, amongst of a list of marriage determining factors.

Lastly, if you get more swipe right than left, your profile would be shown to more bumble users.

Bumble Profile Disappeared Before I Could Swipe? What to Do.

If you are in the middle of swiping a profile on bumble and it disappears, there are two reasons why this happens. Either the personality on the other side swiped left when you saw their profile, or there’s a glitch on the application.

Profiles disappearing before swiping do happen occasionally, and whenever such occurs, there’s nothing you can do except go for other recommended profiles.

What Happens If You Don’t Swipe On Bumble?

If you don’t swipe on a profile on bumble for at least 24 hours, they might consider your profile fake, which might lead them to deactivate your profile.

Also, if you are on bumble to get matched for a date, and you don’t swipe, there’s no way you can be matched.

Because that’s the only way users can get to who’s interested in them and who’s not.

But, if you’d swipe right on a profile, and the personality, on the other hand, did swipe right on you, too, then you two would be matched.

However, as said earlier, bumble has a unique way of letting women message first. And if you are a man messaging a woman, you won’t be allowed to, except you are messaging a fellow man.

Final Thoughts

Bumble occasionally does recycle profiles, but it might take time. Probably after a month, two or three.


Does Bumble Reset Your Swipes?

Yes, bumble does reset swipes, and that’s after 24 hours once you have finished up with your daily swipe limits.

But if you want to continue swiping without limits, you can get a bumble premium subscription.

What Happens When You’ve Seen Everyone on Bumble?

If you have seen everyone on bumble, it means it’s only people located around you. So, bumble will be forced to find users from other locations far away from you.

Why Is It So Hard To Match On Bumble?

If it’s so hard to match on bumble, your profile verification isn’t complete, and other bumble users aren’t seeing your profile.

To get matched on bumble, complete your verification and have an attractive profile picture.