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Does Feeld Notify Screenshots in 2022?

Having a notable conversation? Or did you just find something interesting, that you needed to take a screenshot of? In a situation where you take a screenshot on Feeld, there are usually dilemmas of whether the second party (the person at the other end) gets notified. This article covers everything you need to know.

Does Feeld Notify Screenshots?

The invention of notification for screenshots by Snapchat has brought out awareness to people of how an app could track what happens at a user end.

In fact, following Snapchat, a number of social media platforms have joined the league of notifying users when screenshots are taken, with the aim of taking privacy to the next level.

Facebook (Private messaging), Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few of these platforms that have integrated this, so far.

With this, there’s a current notion from people that most social media platforms and dating platforms actually have this screenshot feature enabled, without users’ consent.

This could be true, though, but doesn’t extend to all platforms.

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You may have wanted to hit the screenshot button for a post you found funny on Feeld, or message, interesting – after all, if you do end up getting married, that chat will make a wonderful memory to share with your grandchildren, right?

Maybe, you have received a weird message that you can’t seem to understand that you want to seek a better explanation from a more experienced person.

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It all boils to one thing – you want to take a screenshot. So, does feeld notify when screenshots are taken?

No. Currently, Feeld has no screenshot notification feature, that notifies users when screenshots are taken. In other words, you’re free to take screenshots on the app, as the platforms can’t tell when you screenshot. However, there are things to note.

Unlike apps like Instagram and Snapchat, you can capture whatever you find on the app, without anyone knowing. This includes your conversation with someone, profile picture, post, or even someone’s timeline.

This freedom isn’t limited to what devices you use, as it extends to every device, undermining whether or not you use a device powered by Android, iOS, Mac, Linus, or Windows, etc.

Is it illegal to take screenshots from Feeld?

Unlike Her app, there is no written information from Feeld on the legality of taking screenshots.

However, owing to the fact that the platform doesn’t integrate any screenshotting restriction or notification, it’s safe if we assume that taking screenshots on the platform isn’t against the law.

Now, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you should use caution when using this freedom.

Even though Feeld might not be explicitly against taking screenshots, using them commercially or purposely to blackmail wouldn’t be taken lightly from the platform, as most companies have their ways to get around this, if the need arises.

If you intend to take a screenshot on Feeld, then you should only use them for personal use. Anything above that is somewhat illegal and could get you into trouble, if discovered.

Supposing you find something funny or meme worthy and you want to take a screenshot of it, the best approach to take is to contact the person. Or possibly, sensor their identity out of the screenshot.

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On the other hand, if you’re a user on Feeld, this should be a notice to you. Creating an account on Feelds (and just about most dating platforms) is more like creating a new identity for yourself at the outside world.

You shoulld always be mindful of what you post, coverse and share on the platform. Advisably, be your possible best – the way you’d act if you were to be caught publicly.

Can you see who screenshots your Feeld?

Knowing that Feeld doesn’t notify users when screeenshots are taken, you may want to know whether or not Feelds has any feature that is capable of tracking who takes screenshots of your profile or chats.

However, no. You can’t see who screenshots your Feeld.

Just as field can’t detect or notify users when screenshots are taken, it also doesn’t have the ability to track who takes screenshots.

How to screenshot on Feeld without anyone knowing

Noting that Feeld doesn’t notify users when screenshots are taken, taking anonymous screenshots on the platform follows the traditional screenshot techniques. Below is how to screenshot on Feeld accross several devices without them knowing:

On Android:

Almost all android phones produced from 2019 upwards are equipped with inbuilt screenshotting feature, that can be found by swiping to the tool bar of your device. Alternatively, you could also navigate to the setting app of your phone, in the absense of button on the tool bar.

However, if you have an older device or a just weird android phone that failed to integrate the screenshotting app, you’ll need to get a third party app. In this case, i recommend Xrecorder.

Assuming you’ve gotten the screenshotting app integrated on your phone, all you have to do is log into the Feeld app and head over to the content you want to screenshot and hit the screenshot button – a screenshot of the content would be taken to your device storage, without anyone knowing.

On iOS:

  • Head over to the Feeld app/website and login to your account.
  • Navigate to the content you want to screenshot.
  • Hold the power button and downward volume button of your phone at the same time
  • Release, afterwards

There you have it…you’ve successfully taken a screenshot on Feeld without anyone knowing.

Final Thoughts

Feeld doesn’t put any restriction on users regarding taking screenshots and no one’s going to get notified when screenshots are taken, either. However, you should remember to only use them privately.