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Does HER App Notify Screenshots? (2022)

Want to take a screenshot on Her app, but scared of the possibility of whether your partner (or second party) could get notified? Does HER app notify screenshots? This article covers everything you need to know about her app and its notification feature for screenshots.

Can you Screenshot on HER app?

Yes. The screenshot feature on your device isn’t disabled when you get on Her app. In other words, you can take screenshots on the platform, easily, when you want find something memorable. 

Many platforms, especially the ones concerned about privacy and copyright infringement always disable the screenshot on users’ devices, when they visit their platform.

This disability usually come in the form of an error code, blank screen, or a warning, when you try to take a screenshot. This is mostly common on the mobile app version of platforms.

But do you think it happens on HER app?

No. HER app doesn’t hinder or stop you from taking screenshots. You’re allowed to take screenshots of important or memorable information, provided you intend to use them personally.

Does her app notify screenshots?

Just like most dating apps, Her app doesn’t notify opposite users when screenshots are taken. This is stated following the company’s privacy policy openly making a disclaimer on screenshots.

Most dating apps are created with the concept of providing a service where people with similar characteristics could get to the outside world, bond, and discover each other.

However, this can be taken advantage of when people try to spy, spam, and even find a way to blackmail fellow users on the platform. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to make an end to.

One of the ways they could do this is by taking screenshots. Although, not everyone takes a screenshot for this purpose.

In apps like Instagram and Snapchat, users would always get notified when a second party users take a screenshot. However, this is not the case in HER app.

HER app, due to its inability to integrate a screenshot detecting feature, does notify the second party, when you take a screenshot.

This includes when you take screenshots of a profile, message, or even chats.

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The reason to this is based on the fact that the company has not gotten its watch strictly on privacy.

In other words, if you mistakenly take a screenshot of a friend on the HER app or just found something interesting that you might want to save, you don’t need to freak out. Your partner is not going to get notified.

On the other hand, if you’re just a traditional user on the platform, this should be a notice to you, knowing that anyone can take easily take a screenshot of your profile, message, or chat.

So, possibly, you should mind the way you chat, and post on the platform. Or even better, act as you’d always do in real life.

Is it illegal to take screenshots on HER app?

No. Taking screenshots on Her app isn’t illegal. Provided you’re a member of the platform and you stick to using the screenshots privately, you’re free to take screenshots.

As we said earlier, you can take screenshots on HER app and no party is going to get notified. But do you think it’s illegal or is the company wholly against it?

There are no written statements from HER app, on whether taking screenshots is legal or not. However, from what we’ve seen so far, it isn’t illegal provided that you do it right.

This only applies when you take the screenshot for your personal use and not commercial.

If you go around littering someone’s chat with you on several platforms, then you’ve committed a legal offense, that could get you kicked out from the platform or even to court.

But again, this could only apply when the second party sees it. Because apparently, HER app doesn’t have any feature to automatically detect this.

In fact, HER app, openly made a disclaimer notification stating to users that creating a profile on the platform is more like making them available to the outside world.

According to the disclaimer; HER app is not a walled network. Hence, everything inside could be publicized out of the platform, owing to the fact that members of the platform can take screenshots when they want to.

does her app notify screenshots in 2022

Can you see who screenshots your her app?

Just as you won’t get notified when you or someone takes screenshots on the HER app, you can’t also see who screenshots your profiles, messages, and post on the platform.

Currently, the HER app isn’t capable of detecting or notifying other parties when screenshots are taken. So, it can tell you who screenshots your HER app, whether it’s a profile or chat.

For this reason, you should be sensitive on the information you share on the platform.

How to screenshot on her app without them knowing?

There are no hidden techniques to screenshotting on HER app, owing to the fact that the platform doesn’t notify any party when screenshots are taken. So you just have to follow the usual procedures.

Here’s how to screenshot on HER app without them knowing:

On Android:

Most Android phones created from 2019 upwards are integrated with a pre-installed screenshotting app, that could be accessed by swiping down your phone to the navigations.

If you’ve got a pre-installed screenshot feature on your android, all you have to do is to go the HER app mobile app on your android phone and navigate to the content you want to screenshot.

Afterward, screenshot by swiping down your phone to the tool/taskbar and then tap on the screenshot feature.

However, if you don’t have the screenshot feature pre-installed on your mobile phone, you would want to download a third-party app.

In this case, I recommend Xrecorder.

On iOS:

  • Head over to HER app and login to your account.
  • Navigate to the content you want to screenshot
  • Hold tightly, the power button and down ward volume button at a time
  • Release them, afterward

Final Thoughts

You can take screenshots on the HER app when you find the need to. However, you should only use them for personal use, as anything beyond that can be seen as a legal offense.

On the other hand, as a traditional user of HER app, you should be sensitive about what you do on the platform, owing to the fact that anyone can take a screenshot of your content.