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Does Hinge recycle profiles? Here’s what to know

Has there ever been a time you mistakenly pressed the “X” button on a profile you think is a perfect match for you? If yes, you might want to find out whether you can be lucky enough next time to see that profile again. So, at any point in time, does the Hinge app recycle profiles? Read on to find out.

Does Hinge recycle profiles?

Yes. Hinge does recycle profiles. However, it only happens occasionally — in other words, it can take about one or two months. Generally, there’s no specific time.

Sometimes, it takes about six months before the profile will appear on your profile again. That means we can say that although it happens,  it doesn’t do that very frequently.

In some cases, it doesn’t happen at all.

Hinge understands that it’s possible for users to make such a mistake once in a while since what they do is show you all sorts of people that fit into your location and have things in common with you.

That means if the app displays profiles that you don’t think you want to match with many times, it’s possible you could make mistake by pressing the “X” button on that potential match’s profile.

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Moreover, there are also cases where you would have a change of mind after using the “X” button, and you’d say to yourself, “but that guy doesn’t look bad — maybe I could match with him if he shows up again?” And you’d also ask yourself whether it’s possible for Hinge to bring up that profile again.

Well, I’ll be happy to tell you that Hinge can show you that profile again, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen.

The thing is, no one even knows exactly what criteria Hinge looks at before bringing up the profile again. But there are a few things Hinge probably considers before doing it. 

One of these is that when you “X” a profile, the Hinge algorithm checks the person’s profile to see if that person has at any point liked your profile. If that’s the case, Hinge will suspect that you haven’t intentionally tapped on the “X” button. 

Another one is that there may be times when Hinge is no longer able to find users based on your location. In that case, it may show some profiles you used the “X” button on again, probably thinking that you may have changed your mind.

The bottom line is just that Hinge will sometimes bring up some people you’ve disliked. That said, you may anticipate seeing that person’s profile again, knowing that it may or may not show up.

How Often Does Hinge Recycle Your Profile?

There is no official statement from Hinge about how often they recycle profiles. But based on what I’ve seen, Hinge will usually show your profile to others depending on how active and popular you are on the app.

The app’s algorithm works in such a way that it knows whether you’re an active or popular person and, if so, shows your profile to more people over time.

But if you’re not very active, there will certainly be a limit on the number of users who can see your profile.

In addition, your location can also contribute to how often your profile is recycled on other users’ profiles.

If there are fewer people from your location on the app, there’s a chance that your profile will show up more when anyone needs a date from your location.

To sum it all up, how often your profile becomes visible to other Hinge users depends on a few reasons — not just one.

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But irrespective of other reasons, if you want a chance to be more frequently visible on other users’ profiles, try to be more actively engaged on the app.

What Happens If You Don’t Swipe On Hinge?

First of all, you should note that Hinge doesn’t have the swipe feature found in other dating apps like Tinder; instead, it provides buttons you can use to like and dislike profiles.

That said, here’s what happens if you don’t like or dislike profiles for a while or as a new user. Hinge ensures that its users are actively searching for a date or conversing with their match, so if you don’t, your profile may be considered fake or possibly operated by bots.

And that may lead to adding more limits to that profile’s visibility or even deactivating the account.

Moreover, if you don’t swipe on profiles, which in Hinge’s case means liking or disliking, there’s no way you would find a date who is interested in you. I mean, you signed up on the app to find dates, right? 

Final Thoughts

You would sometimes have the “Oh, gosh!! I just messed up” feeling when you see a match you’d call “perfect,” but you mistakenly X the profile.

However, to help you ease up, Hinge sometimes thinks out of the box by bringing back that match to your profile again. And in this article, you found out that although Hinge does recycle profiles, it only happens once in a while. Moreover, we’ve looked into a few things you can do to make Hinge consider recycling your profile.