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Does Logging out of Hinge hide your Profile? (2022)

You may have thought about logging out of your Hinge app sometime, probably for another friend to log in, or you don’t want to be logged in for a while. Will logging out of your Hinge app hide your profile? What happens? Find out in this article.

Does logging out of Hinge hide your profile?

No. Your profile will not be hidden by Hinge when you log out of the app. In essence, your matched list can still see you on their list (even though you won’t appear active), and they can send you messages.

You might have been in a position where you want to give yourself a break off social media. Or, probably, you have something urgent to focus on. As a result, you decide to log out of your account. Does logging out of Hinge hide your profile?the hinge app on iphone - Does logging out of Hinge hide your profile

If you decide to take a break, you can. Hinge won’t hide your profile just because you logged out of your account.

However, if you still don’t log in after a long time, your profile might become hidden because it’ll seem as if you don’t want to use the app again. That is because Hinge expects its users to be actively engaged regularly.

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But to avoid that, you should try logging in at regular intervals if you still intend to use the app. You can try logging in once a week or probably twice a week, just to ensure that your account is still seen as active and for people to engage with you.

You may not know this, but logging out of your profile once in a while is good for you, especially when you tend to get easily distracted by notifications and all sorts of messages, whereas you have other things to deal with. If you’ve been thinking of logging out before but thought your profile would be deleted or hidden for doing that, that’s not true — they don’t hide your account. And you can easily login anytime with your details if you can still remember them.

Meanwhile, you must be aware that if you log out and delete the Hinge app, you’ll lose your match list history. That means you won’t find your match list history when you reinstall the app and log in. But your match list can still see you on their list, and you can have a conversation with them.

What happens when you log out of Hinge?

Your account will still be active on Hinge when you log out. However, you won’t be receiving any notification that you usually get when you open the app or while logged in.

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Moreover, since your account is still active, your matched list will still be able to send you messages that you can reply to when you log in again. Logging out is usually useful if you don’t want to be distracted by notifications for some time, and you don’t have to worry about your Hinge account being deleted.

Does Hinge still show your profile if you delete the app?

Yes. Hinge still shows your profile to other people who are active on Hinge or your matched list, even after you’ve deleted their app. However, if you later install the app and log in, you’ll find out that your match history has been removed because you previously deleted their app. But your match will still be intact, and you can still converse with them.

Why has someone disappeared from my Hinge?

There are two possible reasons why anyone who was on your matched list suddenly disappeared.

  1. They deleted their profile – whenever anyone deletes their account on Hinge, everything related to their account will be removed permanently. Their matched list will also no longer see the person as the account will no longer exist.
  2. They unmatched their profile – Being unmatched on Hinge works like being blocked on Facebook, only that it will be permanent. So, if anyone has unmatched you from their matched list, they’ll disappear from your Hinge account.

Does Hinge hide Inactive Profiles?

Hinge hasn’t really given a straightforward answer to this question, unlike other dating apps that let you know how long before your inactive profile becomes hidden.

However, they claim that most of the time, a profile you see on your account would have been active in the last 72 hours. This likely means that a profile that hasn’t been active in the last 72 hours will be hidden from other users.

So, it means you can definitely expect that your account will become hidden in the long run if you aren’t active since other active users need to be displayed in people’s feeds.

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In addition to that, if, after a long time, you’re still not active, your Hinge account will be deleted permanently. It may displease you to learn that Hinge deletes inactive accounts after a while, but they do this to keep the platform running smoothly. They also do that to help prevent negative experiences on the users’ end.


Knowing that Hinge’s ways is not the same as that of every other dating app and that it allows you to log out of your profile whenever you want, you’re probably asking, “does logging out of Hinge hide my profile?” Well, in this article, I’ve revealed that it doesn’t hide your profile, especially from your matched list, as long as you ensure to log in frequently.