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Does Onlyfans Send Emails? (How to Stop)

So, you’re just a newbie on one of the most popular platforms for NSFW. Do you think by just joining the platform, you’d be signed to keep on receiving emails from the platform? Here’s a guide that approaches a topic on whether or not Onlyfans send emails.

Does Onlyfans Send Emails?

Not everyone finds it easy to use a platform like Onlyfans openly without being secretive. This includes both users and creators.

In fact, the majority of users on the platform all stay anonymous. This is the reason why you’d find a social platform big as Onlyfans have the majority of its users without profile pictures.

As a new user, you might want to keep your Onlyfans profile private, but you’re still puzzled by the dilemma of whether or not you’ll receive emails from the platform.a girl on her bed - does onlyfans send email

You may be using someone’s email address. A family, group, or a friend email address. Do you think Onlyfans send emails?

Well, yes. Onlyfans do send email occasionally to its users. In fact, if you’re a creator on the platform, you should even expect to get mails delivered to you when you cross a particular threshold.

This doesn’t exclude creators or traditional users, as it applies to all users on the platform.

As a user, you can expect emails from Onlyfans, which could go from promotional emails about discounts from creators, new deals (features) from the platform, or even a warning email (for instance, the termination of your account).

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As a creator on the platform, frequent emails like new subscriptions, likes and comments should always be in your inbox, unless you turn the feature off.

Also, based on the fact that Onlyfans only run on the web, you should expect to get notifications like messages, replies, and like, sent to you on your email address.

Why does Onlyfans need my email address?

Knowing well enough that Onlyfans do send emails frequently to your email address, you may want to know whether there is an alternative to that and why does Onlyfans even need your email address?

After your username, your email address is seen as the actual identity of your Onlyfans account. In fact, your email address can be used to find your Onlyfans account.

Primarily, Onlyfans needs your email address to get your account created.

Afterward, it gets associated with your account. In essence, you just expect to receive emails, at least occasionally, if you’re a silent user.

Otherwise, if you use Onlyfans like every regular user, you should expect to get emails in your inbox frequently, owing to the fact that messages, replies, and comments notifications are being sent to your email address.

Do you get notifications from OnlyFans?

Under normal circumstances, you won’t be getting direct notifications to your device, from Onlyfans.

This is based on the fact that most of the notifications users of Onlyfans get are being sent to their email address.

However, if you’d like to get notifications from Onlyfans, there are tweaks to get that done.

By default, the push notification feature on Onlyfans is usually turned off for users’ privacy. However, you could turn on this feature by accessing the settings on your account.

Here’s how to turn on the push notifications on Onlyfans:

  • Head over to Onlyfans.com and log in to your account.
  • Tap on the navigation button and select “more.”
  • Navigate to the settings button and select notifications.
  • Click on push notifications, on reaching there
  • Tap on the toggle, to show a blue color.

Now, your notifications would be shown on the notification bar of your phone.

Do you get spam emails from OnlyFans?

It depends on what you tag as spam. Normally, Onlyfans isn’t going to send you spam emails.

However, your email service provider can tag an Onlyfans email as spam, in a case where you receive multiple numbers of them within a short period of time.

Additionally, for an email service provider like Gmail, it could filter emails containing particular words or tones. Hence, making it possible for an Onlyfans email to end up in the spam.

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It’s also worth mentioning that there have been times in times past when Onlyfans users received multiple spam messages (claiming to be the official company) asking users to verify their account on an Onlyfans-like website.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that it was a fake account, impersonating Onlyfans.

For this reason, you should always try to verify the authenticity of the email you receive from Onlyfans – it could also be an impersonator.

How to stop getting emails from Onlyfans

Not everyone might want to keep getting Onlyfans notifications emailed to them.

If you made use of a family, group, or friend’s email address, when creating your Onlyfans account, you might not fancy the idea of getting email notifications.

If you feel this could bridge your privacy, here’s how to turn off the setting and stop getting emails from Onlyfans.

  • Head over to your web browser and type in onlyfans.com.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Tap on the navigation tab and select “more.”
  • Select settings, on reaching there.
  • Click on the notification feature and select email notification.
  • Toggle all buttons off, to show an ash color.

By doing this, you’ll no longer receive notifications, including newsletters, message summaries, and all other types of notifications at your email address.

Final Thoughts

On a default setting, Onlyfans would always send emails to the email address you used in creating your account. However, you’re given the full option to turn off this notification setting, when you wish to.