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Does Tinder Recycle Profiles? Here’s what to know

Tinder appears to be one of the few established dating platform with a strong user base around the globe. According to telegraph.co.uk, it is the godfather of all dating apps. However, you could be dumbfounded by just almost anything, when you’re new on the platform.

Based on this, you might want to know how profiles work on the platform. Whether a disliked profile on the app could still be shown to you, or not. This article covers everything you need to know.

Does Tinder recycle profiles?

While this is not an everyday scenario, Tinder does recycle profile. This is inclusive of most dating apps. However, this does take a lot of time. Probably, in a month, two months or even up to 6 months.

You might have noticed how you’ve kept on seeing a profile non-stop, even after you either swiped right or left on them.

Or maybe, you mistakenly swiped left on a profile, of which you didn’t intend to. Do you think you can get to see such profile? Does Tinder recycle profiles?

The simple answer is Yes. This mostly happens after a person you swiped left on, swipes right on you. At this point, the Tinder algorithm could decide to give you a second chance. Hence, recycling a profile back to you.

First off, to make things clear, it’s worth mentioning that a profile you swiped right on is most likely never to be recycled to your feed.

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This could only happen when you have a bad connection that wasn’t able to load a new data from the Tinder algorithm.

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On the other hand, if you had swiped left on a profile in the past, there’s some chance that it could be recycled back to your timeline.

This is because the Tinder algorithm don’t wholly take a left swipe for its word.

From Tinder algorithm, when you left-swipe, it could mean two things, which include:

  1. You did that accidentally
  2. You’re actually not interested

Now, for most, it’s actually that they’re not interested in such a user. But what if it was done mistakenly? Well, Tinder has a way to detect and easily recycle such profile.

One way it does this is by checking to see if the user at the other end swipes right at your profile. If they do, there’s a high chance that their profile can be recycled back to you. However, it could take time.

Lastly, one other reason you can find Tinder recycling profiles is when there is a limited number of profiles that could match your qualities, in the area you currently live in.

At this point, when Tinder profiles in that location gotten exhausted, the algorithm has no other option than to show you some previously viewed profiles.

How Often Does Tinder Recycle Your Profile?

Many people suggest that Tinder does recycle users profile every 3-6 months. However, there is no official statements from Tinder about this. In fact, Tinder don’t always recycle profiles.

In as much as we’ve seen and know that Tinder does recycle profiles, there’s no clear timeline to how often this activity takes place.

Likewise, there’s no pattern to how this activity takes place, as Tinder algorithm is based on user activity and not on a repetitive pattern.

In other words, Tinder could recycle a profile within a day, week, months or even year. However, below are a few things that could either hasten or lag a profile on Tinder from getting recycled:

  1. When there are lack of profiles
  2. How often such people change their images
  3. The profile you swiped left on swipe right at you
  4. You had a poor internet connection

When there are lacks of profiles

If you live in a city, with less population or with a small base of users on Tinder, you might find some recently seen profiles being recycled on your feed. In fact, in this case, profiles can be recycled more often, due to the limited number of users.

How often such people change their images

You might be hoping for someone profile to be recycled back to your feed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen as fast as possible.

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However, if such person keep on sending their images, there’s some chance their profile could be recycled on your feed for a moment. This could also be fastened if they swipe right to your profile, when they came across it.

The profile you swiped left on swiped right at you

Over your time at Tinder, you should have a handful of profiles which you accidentally swiped left on. Thankfully, they do get recycled, based on some factors.

Just as we mentioned, one of the contributing factor to getting a profile recycled is if they, on the other hand, swipe “right” your profile

What Happens If You Don’t Swipe On Tinder?

Technically, you can’t use Tinder without swiping either left or right. If you don’t swipe on Tinder, you have no access to block, chat, match with anyone on the app. In other words, it’s totally useless.

If you don’t intend using the app again, you can take a break. Tinder’s algorithm isn’t rigid; your profile won’t be deleted for in activeness.

However, if you’re not active for up to 7 days, your profile would stop coming up on the app, till when next you come online.

Final Thoughts

Tinder do recycle profiles, but not always. When it does, it is because of the following:

  1. There is a limited in number of profiles in the place you reside
  2. The profile you swiped left on swiped right at you
  3. There is an unusual uploading of new images from such person

Hope you find this article worth the read!