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A Guide on Check Engine Light on Jeep Wranglers: Comprehensive Codes (2022)

When you have your own vehicle, there will always come a time when your dashboard will display the check engine light on jeep wranglers or any other mid level dashboards or digital dashboard cars.

Either way, this can be a cause for concern. This is why it would simply be great to know what exactly the check engine light means to properly diagnose what the vehicle’s problem really is and have it solved pronto.

Check Engine Light on Jeep Wrangler
2018 Jeep Wrangler Dashboard

You might suddenly have a thought, or you just might not have realized, but Jeep Wranglers and all other advanced digital dashboard cars have a sort of check engine light blinking code. Specifically, the check engine light on Jeep Wranglers can blink a bright red or amber, which can definitely scare those not in the know.

What Makes The Codes On Check Engine Lights Concerning?

Well, just as previously said, those that are uninitiated might get overwhelmed and or blindsided by all these different codes that will arise from a blinking check engine light. Unfortunately, while it is not really pleasant to hear, the codes of check engine light on jeep wranglers can stand for a horrendously many amount of things.

How many exactly? I might have you guess for me a little bit, maybe six? Eight? Nine? You might even feel daring and guess a whopping hundred! Which is a good guess, but unfortunately, no cigar. There can be more than literally six hundred and fifty (650) check engine light on jeep wrangler codes.

But! It might be a silver lining to tell you that these codes are simply made as sort of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). It basically means that, while there are literally so many possible reasons for a check engine light lighting up, you won’t need to go through the whole list just to find your specific problem. What I mean by that is that there is a certain way to read these codes which makes them much easier to distinguish and diagnose.

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How Do You Diagnose The Check Engine Light On Jeep Wranglers?

Just to be clear, check engine codes almost always come in five alpha-numeric combinations with certain patterns.

Like the first part always comes as a letter, as an example of the pattern. Why a letter? Must be a convenience-focused choice as twenty six letters is better than the usual zero to nine especially when needing to categorize a lengthy list, within the hundreds, of possible issues of engine/car-related problems.

check engine light on jeep wrangler
An Example Of Other Dashboard DTC Codes

Anyway, to properly find out what’s wrong with your rig, you have to do the appropriate stuff to be able to even find out the right things to do. Good thing for you, it is actually not that difficult to troubleshoot the problem. Here’s a list of steps that you should follow to find out what the check engine light on jeep wrangler being lit truly means for you.

Step 1. Getting The Proper Tools

Fortunately for those that are not swimming in gallons and gallons of money, there is pretty much only one thing you will need, apart from the vehicle itself, to solve whatever conundrum your vehicle has gotten itself into when your check engine light on jeep wrangler is glowing.

You will simply need an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) scanner! It is an interesting tool that will help you even just find out the actual code itself. With its 16-pin trapezoidal connector, it is also known as a Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC).

These puppies can be easily plugged into your jeep so it can start intercepting and addressing the check engine light on jeep wrangler code.

Step 2. Using The Scanner Itself

Check Engine Light on Jeep Wrangler
Example of OBD Port

Like in step one, I said the OBD scanner can be plugged into your vehicle so it can start doing its job. But! It might seem confusing as a beginner with this type of problem. So it would be recommended first if you were to find the OBD port for that scanner. Not all vehicles have the same spot for their ports, so you might have to dig around a little bit to find where it is to find out what the check engine light on Jeep Wranglers mean.

If you are having trouble, the picture on the side might give you a good idea, it’s usually situated under the driver side’s dashboard. Other places where the OBD port can be is below the glove compartment or even directly on the center of the dashboard. So I suppose it would be wise to check in with your car’s manual just in case!

Step 3. Start Your Car

Of course, how will the OBD scanner detect anything if you car itself is turned off! So get that thing going by turning on the ignition. Usually, when the OBD is plugged in, it will automatically start interacting with your vehicle’s dashboard, doing its assessment stuff letting you know what’s up.

Step 4. Input Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

On-Board Diagnostics are most often specific depending on the manufacturer’s decision. So… you’ll need to enter that to get the right set of codes for the right model of your vehicle. Otherwise, how will you know what the check engine light on jeep wrangler truly means?

Step 5. Assessing The Code

This is where the nitty-gritty details are. I should give you a rundown on the things you should keep in mind while looking at the codes of your OBD to find out what the check engine light on Jeep Wranglers could possibly mean.

The first part of the five consists of four possible characters: P, C, U or B.

  • P, means that there is a problem with the powertrain system.
  • C, means there’s a problem with the chassis.
  • U, means a problem with the network communication system.
  • B, means there’s a problem with the body system.

The second character indicates whether it is a generic issue or a manufacturer-specific issue.

U0, U3, C0, C3, B0, B3, P34-P39, P0, and P2 are examples of generic issues.

U1, U2, C1, C2, B1, B2, P30-P33, and P1 are indicators of manufacturer-specific issues.

The third character specifies the location of the problem.

  • 1, it is a problem with fuel and air metering.
  • 2, injector circuit problems.
  • 3, ignition / misfire / injection system.
  • 4, auxiliary emission control.
  • 5, idle control system and vehicle speed control system.
  • 6, computer output circuit problem.
  • 7 – 9, issues with the transmission.

The fourth and fifth character indicates the exact problem possible. From 00 to 99, which is why things get a little hairy, seeing as there could be thousands of potential combinations.

Unfortunately, you will need your manual for this one, or I suppose an online manual of your vehicle’s model will do. But either way, all the code possible should be listed there and all you will need to do is find the matching code.


If you ever wonder about your check engine light on jeep wranglers, it’s a bit of an arduous process on how to figure that out to properly diagnose it. I think it might even take you tons of years just to familiarize yourself with some of them. But, I guess the biggest thing you should take away from this article is… always believe in your car’s manual. Treat it like the vehicle bible of the automobile!

Remember, the check engine light on jeep wranglers will inevitably appear, but never panic, for there is always a solution!

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