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How to Know if Someone Unmatched you on Hinge (2022)

You may have noticed something weird about a match you were conversing with on Hinge. You guys could have probably been having a neat conversation for days.  All of a sudden, your match goes mute, for hours, days or even weeks. Is that an indication that the person has unmatched you?

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the possibility and how to know if someone unmatched you on Hinge.

Can you tell if someone unmatches you on Hinge?

No. Just like WhatsApp, hinge operates on a silent blocking pattern. If you unmatch someone on Hinge, they won’t know, unless they decide to make extra movement to find out.

You may have been having a good conversation with someone on Hinge, which has been going well. Or probably, you’re trying to approach someone. But then, you can’t seem to find them on your match tab, what do you think must have caused it.

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Firstly, there are two things that might have cause this black out.

  1. Their account was deleted.
  2. They unmatched you.

While the reason to this could be that their account was deleted. You might not want to live on assumptions and want to see things for yourself.  How do you think you can tell if someone unmatched you on Hinge? Do you get notified?

How to Know if someone unmatched you on Hinge - a girl sitting scrolling through hinge

The simple answer is no. You can’t tell if someone unmatched you on Hinge. This is based on the fact that Hinge has no feature to let the user on the other end know if they’ve been unmatched.

Lastly, just like most giant social media app, you don’t get notified when someone unmatches you.

However, there are tricks to get around this. Read on to find out.

How to know if someone unmatched you on hinge

As we said earlier, at the event of the black out of someone you’ve been chatting, there are two things that could have gone wrong. Firstly, his account could have probably been deactivated or deleted from hinge or they must have unmatched you.

To know if someone unmatched you on hinge, here are few things you can do to confirm.

  1. Make sure to check for glitches – Don’t assume
  2. Your conversation with them disappears
  3. You can no longer find their profile
  4. Your interaction with them wasn’t going as planned

Make sure to check for glitches – Don’t assume

Glitches do happen. We’ve seen it severally on Facebook and on a list of other social medias.

If you were chatting with someone and all of a sudden, their messages got disappeared out of the blue, don’t be quick to judge. Your first movement should be to discover how manually controlled what happened, is.

You can achieve this by shutting down the hinge app on your device, followed by a restart. You’ll want to log out of the app, clear the cache and reboot your device.

After doing this, log into your account and check your matches. Nothing? Most likely, you’ve been blocked.

Your conversation with them disappears

One other thing that counts to the possibility of you being blocked on Hinge is when your conversation with them disappears suddenly.

You may have been having a blissful conversation with them, or engaged in an inquisitive form of conversation. But then, boom. The message you last sent is halt, no more messages, and you can no longer find them.

This is one sign that they deliberately unmatched you.

You can’t find their profile

Another instances to further confirm whether you were actually unmatched on Hinge is if you seem not to find their profile.

Similar to what happens on Facebook, if someone unmatched you on Hinge, they simply get rid of you on the platform. This includes everything on their match tab, newsfeed, messages, etc.

Now, if you notice a situation as critical as this -not being able to tell whether you were unmatched- you’ll want to check your match tab and scroll through to find their profile. If you’re unable to find them, there’s a high chance that they might have unmatched you.

Your interaction with them wasn’t going as planned

So far, we’ve mentioned two basic ways to find out if someone unmatched you on Hinge.

Something to note that in these events is that the cause of such situation could either be as a result of their account getting banned or they unmatched you.

Based on the fact that people hardly delete their account and there’s typically no reason why they should do that, it’s safe if we assume that they had unmatched you.

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However, we can’t just let go of the percentage that was blacked out due to a deleted account. So, what makes the difference?

Well, from our own view, you might want to change that question to, how well have you been chatting with this person? Could they just have unmatched you out of the blue, how long have you been chatting with this person, have you been too inquisitive, or did you guys have a quarrel.

If your answer is yes to these question, then we were right all along. This person must have unmatched you.

Does hinge automatically Unmatch?

No. Hinge does not automatically unmatch a match for you or anybody, regardless of whether you guys chat frequently or not. 

If you noticed an unmatched match, then it must be a manual action done by you or the other person. Either way, you may want to confirm these action using the guide we stated earlier.

If someone unmatched you on Hinge does the conversation disappear?

Yes. If you noticed the disappearance of a conversation on Hinge, it’s possible the person have unmatched you. It’s worth mentioning that this scenario could also happen if they got their account deleted.

There are many things that could have gone wrong when a conversation disappears on Hinge. However, a big role player is that they have unmatched you. Other instances include:

  1. Their account was deleted
  2. They manually deleted this message, etc.

Final Thoughts

To know if someone unmatched you on Hinge, your first step should be to confirm whether it’s a glitch on Hinge. Afterward, you could go further to check for their profile on your match tab and the previous conversation they had with you. At the absense of these, there’s a high chance they could have unmatched you.


If I unmatch on hinge will they know?

If you unmatched someone on hinge, no one is going to know. Hinge doesn’t notify you or the second end users when you unmatch their account. The only way they could know is when they make a search of you and can’t seem to find your name.