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How To Know If Someone Unmatched You On OkCupid (2022)

Losing contact suddenly with a close friend on OkCupid can be really frustrating, especially if you cannot get in touch on any other platform. This could be due to several reasons.

Unmatching on Okupid works the same way with being blocked on the platform and can be likened to being unfriended on Facebook and Instagram.

You have no control over this since it depends mainly on the choice of the other party. You may have believed things are getting quite interesting between the both of you while in the reality, the relationship is retarding.

How To Know If Someone Unmatched You On OkCupid

The simple truth is that you cannot know if someone unmatches you on OkCupid; however, some indications to this exist.

To guess if you have been unmatched by a person, the first thing is to check if you can still view your recent conversations. When you suddenly cannot access your recent conversation with a particular person on OkCupid, it is most likely that you have been unmatched by the person.

Conversely, since it is also possible that the user could have deleted or disabled the account; we cannot fully rely on this conclusion.

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Similarly to being unmatched on OkCupid, when a person deletes or disables an account, you will be notified that such people do not have an account on the platform anymore when you try to access their profile.

The last possibility is that the person might have hidden their profile. However, you may still be able to contact the user if you have not been unmatched. You should also know that you cannot access a hidden profile or locate such people in your search result even if they later unmatched you.

How Does Unmatching Works On OkCupid

There are situations whereby you or other person might have felt uncomfortable during a conversation and the last resort will be to either block or unmatch you. However, you must know that there is no difference between blocking and unmatching a person on OkCupid.

You can also find some users uninteresting and need to cut off ties with them on OkCupid but do not know how. You can follow the simple steps below to do this without hassle:

On OkCupid’s website

If you are accessing the platform through its website and wish to block a user, all you need to do is to hover to the profile of the user and click on the three dots in the top right corner to unmatch them. You can also block them directly from the message section.

On the App

You can unmatch a person through your inbox on the app. Click on the icon on the right side of this page and then select the “block” from the options displayed. You can also access the profile of the user and click on the three dots on the right side and select block to unmatch them.

If you need to unblock them in the future, you can simply navigate to your privacy setting and unblock them from the list of blocked users displayed to you. To avoid blocking and unblocking people regularly, try to discuss issues with them before unmatching them.

Why You Were Probably Unmatched On OkCupid?

Before we proceed, you must understand that it is normal for people to fall out during conversation since we are divergent in nature. You may assume a statement to be okay, while the other person find it offensive and decide to unmatch you. This scenario and several others are possible reasons you could have been unmatched by a person.

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Here are a few others reasons a person must have unmatched you or it could seem that you were unmatched on OkCupid:

Technical Glitches

In as much as you may be pissed, you should not fully rule out the occurrence of technical glitches. A technical glitch could have occurred on the platform or with you app and lead you to lose some matches. It is possible this is resolved within some days; otherwise, you will be unmatched till the person also realizes this.

Moreover, you can attempt to rectify this error from your side by checking if there is a new update of the OkCupid app and apply this. You can also trying uninstalling and reinstalling the app and see if the issue is resolved when you log in again. If none of this works and there is no information on the occurrence of a mass error, then you probably were unmatched by the other person.

Account Disabling and Deletion

Another possible reason you should have in mind is that the user account may have been disabled or deleted by him. OkCupid might have disabled the user account due to suspicious activities that do not align with the platform’s policies or continuous reports of the account. You should not be deceived by the good sides shown to you by the person.

The user might have also requested that his account should be deleted due to certain personal reasons. As stated earlier, the general message you get when these are applicable is that “user does not have an account with OkCupid”.

Offensive Language

This is usually the reason a lot of people are unmatched on OkCupid and maybe why you were also unmatched. You can try to think about your recent conversation and figure out if you have made any weird statement. The person might have given you a unsatisfactory remark on one of your recent comments and maybe, you were not just sensitive enough to see how much it matters.

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You should be careful when you converse with people, especially when you have not developed a deep relationship. If there is any way to contact the person outside the platform, you should endeavour to do this or just move on.


You should not waste time trying to discover if you have been unmatched by a person on OkCupid because you simply cannot know this. The best thing is to direct such effort to connecting with them on other platforms or probably through a phone call. Better still, you can just move on and work on improving yourself to avoid such fallouts with your remaining friends.