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How to Know if Someone x You on Hinge (Sept 2022)

So, while doing your traditional scroll through card stacks on Hinge, you came across someone that you know personally but tapped on the X subconsciously, because you are not interested in them. Do you think there’s a way they could figure out that you are actually did that to them?

Or on the way round, you wanted to find the list of people that has X-ed you so far, just like you’d do on Facebook Is this any possible?

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know the X button, how it works and how to know if someone x you on hinge.

What is the X button on Hinge?

The online dating industry is one influential industry that has kept on a straight evolution over the years. From the popular news feed structured apps like on Facebook, to the swiping card stacks like in Bumble.

Currently, we’re starting to see modifications on some platforms. Hinge is just a typical example.

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Just like most popular dating apps, Hinge works based on a card stack format, where potential matches, with their pictures, are shown to you in your homepage, and you have the option to either accept or decline.

girl trying scrolling through profiles on hinge - How to Know if Someone x You on Hinge

However, Hinge took the game further with the introduction of the X and heart button, where the X button represents the left swipe, while the heart is equivalent with the right swipe.

In essence, you can tap on the heart button if you want to match with a profile you find good and the X button when you dislike a profile.

The X button is essentially just a way of saying no to a profile on Hinge, while you move on to the next card stack.

Do you get notified is someone x you on hinge?

No. There’s no integrated feature on Hinge that notifies users when they get X’ed on the platform.

The X button feature on Hinge is a dedicated feature that is kept wholly anonymous, to the person who tapped on the button.

In fact, on Hinge, you have no option to get to a list of profiles you’ve disliked. The only exception to this would only be to reverse the action of pressing the X button, which is only viable, minutes after disliking a user’s profile.

The same thing applies when someone likes your profile, but you disliked theirs, using the X button. They won’t get notified, as long as you don’t get to their inbox to tell them.

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Knowing that Hinge doesn’t notify when someone x on a profile, do you think there is any other way to get to know. Does Hinge have any option that shows a list of profiles on the platform? Read on to find out.

How to know if someone x you on hinge

Now on the nitty-gritty of this article, is there a way to know if someone x you on Hinge, considering the fact that Hinge doesn’t notify for a click of an X button?

The simple answer is No. If someone x you on hinge, there’s typically no way that you could know. This also goes the other way round. If you X a profile on Hinge, it is only known to you, unless you’re opportune to tell the next person.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that if certain conditions are met, then you could tell if they have X’ed you.

Below is how to know if someone x you on hinge:

  • Make sure to have liked the profile you want to check on, by tapping the heart button.
  • A notification would be sent to them on their app, to either match with you or decline
  • Wait on them for a period of 5-7 days. 
  • If you fail to get any response or successful match within this time frame, it simply means that they have either X’ed you or decided to snub you.

You may have come up with these thoughts, owing to the fact that Hinge notifies for any like you get.

However, Hinge only does that because it wants to link you up with someone that already likes you, hence creating a mutual feeling.

Other than that, coming to privacy and anonymity towards users and how they interact, Hinge is recommendable for that. This is the reason the platform operates with an end to end messaging format, keeping users data safe from piracy, except within the parties involved.

Final Thoughts

To know if someone X’ed you on Hinge, you must have liked on their profile. By doing this, they should receive a notification in details that you liked their profile. If they fail to respond to the message, or you didn’t get a successful match with them, it simply means that they X’ed you.