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How to Know if you’ve been Banned from Bumble? (2022)

Did you notice that your account seems to no longer permit you to do certain things on Bumble, and you wonder if you’ve been banned? In that case, you may want to find out whether your account has been banned or is about to be. In this article, you’ll learn how to know if you’ve been banned from Bumble.

How to know if you’ve been banned from Bumble 

Before we go into details, it’s worth noting that bumble ban people in two different ways.

As a result, when you banned from the platform, it could either be a shadow ban (temporary) or a permanent ban.

So, how do you know if you have been banned? In addition, how would you know if it is a temporary or permanent ban? 

How do I know if it’s a temporary ban?

Well, generally, when your account is shadow-banned on any platform, you can still log in and probably do a few things. However, your account will be hidden from other people, which means that you won’t be allowed when you try to perform an activity involving other users, such as chatting. 

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In the same manner, when Bumble places a temporary ban on your account, you can still log in to the app, and it will seem like you can use your account without any restrictions.

However, you won’t be allowed to send messages to other Bumble users. That is because your account activities would have been restricted to you alone — so you can’t talk to other people.

Fortunately, Bumble will lift the temporary ban after a while if it sees that you’re now abiding by its policies. Meanwhile, you have to wait until the temporary has been lifted from your account before you can successfully send messages.

How do I know if it’s a Permanent Ban?

In most cases, whenever your account gets permanently banned on any platform, you won’t be allowed to access that account.

That is also the case with the Bumble app. So if Bumble bans your account permanently, you won’t even be able to login into the app. If you try to open the app, you will get a pop-up telling you that you’re not allowed. 

In any case, both the temporary and permanent bans basically amount to the same thing. That is, you can’t use your account. Meanwhile, you must be aware that, oftentimes, these bans result from your account being reported by other Bumble users. So you should ensure that there’s nothing offensive on your profile.

Why was I banned on Bumble?

There are a few things you might have done that violate Bumble’s policies, resulting in getting your account blocked. Here are some of the violations.

Uploading inappropriate images

Yes, Bumble is a dating app, but that doesn’t mean you can send people inappropriate images such as pornography. In fact, the Bumble app team ensures they deal with anyone whose account was reported for posting unhealthy images.

Impersonating other users

Bumble ensures that its users are safe when using its app. Therefore, they don’t want any account to impersonate another one. So, if you have created your account using someone else’s details, it is better you delete the account now. Otherwise, your ban will be inevitable when Bumble finds out.

Advertising or promoting items

No matter how small or indirect it can be, Bumble frowns at people who promote their products or refer people to something on the app. Also, if you’re promoting your other social media accounts, such as Instagram, on the app, you stand a chance of being banned very quickly.

Rude behavior

You can’t just approach people on the app rudely and expect them to respond to you. Instead, they might report your account based on your rudeness. Meanwhile, it is also possible you were disrespecting people without even realizing it. In any case, if your account is reported for rude behavior, you may lose your account.

How to Get Unbanned from Bumble

While bans on Bumble are permanent, it’s not impossible to get your account unblocked. So how do I get unbanned, then?

Well, there are two ways that work for it. 

1. Email Bumble Support

Suppose you know that you haven’t violated any of their terms and conditions. In that case, you can email  their support and let them know that you haven’t violated their policies. You may also need to include some screenshots as evidence that what you tell them is true. Now, the Bumble team will review your account again and decide whether or not to unban it.

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 Remember that if your account has been banned based on facts that show you have violated their policies, you can’t get your account again.

2. Delete your account and create a new one

If the support doesn’t respond to your request after a while or your request was denied, there’s still a walk around it. You can reset your account by deleting your previously blocked account and creating a new one. Meanwhile, if you’re using this method, you must not use any of the details you used on the banned account. That way, you’ll prevent Bumble from picking up any connection between your banned account and the new one.

Can I make a new Bumble account after being banned?

Well, Bumble allows you to create a new account with different details after being banned. Meanwhile, it was stated on their website that creating new accounts after getting blocked is against their rules. However, regardless of that, you can still create a new account. You only need to ensure you don’t use the details of your former account. 

Moreover,  I advise you to wait for about 48 hours before creating the new account to be on a safer side.

Final Thoughts 

It can sometimes be confusing when you log in but can’t send messages to people. You may think your internet connection is the problem. However, you still face this issue after using a stronger connection. To save you such stress, this article has taught you how to know if you’ve been banned from Bumble so that you can easily tell what the issue with your account is.


Do you get notified when banned on Bumble?

Yes. Bumble does notify its banned users. If your account is banned, you will be notified by email. And in case you didn’t check your email before trying to open the app again, you’ll also receive a notification when you open the app.

How do you know if Bumble has blocked you?

Suppose after you have logged in, you’re not allowed to send messages. In that case, it likely means your account has been banned from interacting with other users. Moreover, if you are not allowed to use the app but instead receive a message saying you’re not allowed, it definitely means your account has been blocked.

How long does it take to get unbanned from Bumble?

It takes Bumble from a few hours to about 3–5 days on average to reply to your request about lifting the ban. However, if you don’t get any reply after waiting for about five days, you should try writing another email to their support. Remember to politely tell them about the ban you’re facing and how long you’ve been facing it, and ask them to help you get it back.