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How to see who Liked you on Chispa Without Paying?

The dating industry has seen a hockey street growth over the past decade. According to a statistics pulled from Datingadvice.com, over 17% of successful marriages all begin from an online dating app.

You may have wanted to join the train of the online dating industry to find a lover online. However, as most app suggests, you have to make a premium subscription before you get access to the full feature online.

Chispa is not an exception to this. In fact, before you get to see who liked you on Chispa, you’ll need to make payments. Thankfully, there are tricks to get around this. Read on to find out how to see who liked you on Chispa without paying.

What is the “see who liked you” feature on Chispa?

The “see who liked you” is a popular feature, reoccurring on most dating apps.

It is used to see people who have shown interest on your profile. This is a vital data, as it provides you with a list of people that might be interested in you. Hence, a list of possible dates.

a woman sitting on a couch on chispa -How to see who Liked you on Chispa Without Paying

At this point, all you have to do would be to send them a match request, and you’d be accepted, as in most cases.

However, considering what the feature has in store, most dating apps, including Chispa prefer to make it a bait to lure users on their network to upgrade to a premium plan.

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This is common on dating apps like Match, Tinder, and Bumble. It’s also good to note that Hinge, one of the few popular dating apps, doesn’t go through this usual process of having to pay to “see who liked you.”

As in the case of Chispa, on a norm, you’ll have to become a premium user to access the feature. Or in some cases, be shown a blurred screen in the “see who liked you” section. By tapping it, you’ll be notified to make a subscription on the platform.

However, if you don’t want to subscribe to the premium plan on Chispa, there are some ways to get around this and get to see who liked you without having to make payments.

Do you have to pay for Chispa to see who likes you?

Just like Tinder and Bumble, you have to make a premium subscription on Chispa to see who likes you.

This feature, alongside a few others, are among the tricks most dating apps take advantage of, to lure people to make subscription to their platform.

We’ve seen it severally where people are about to give up on a dating app, and then boom, they get an email or notification on a couple of people who just recently like their profile.

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But then, as a freebie user, you don’t have the permission to view these profiles. At this point, your only option would be to subscribe, owing to the fact that you might not want to miss a lifetime opportunity of getting a partner.

Read on to find out about the possibility of seeing who liked you on the platform, without paying a dime.

Can you see who liked you on Chispa without paying?

Yes. Fortunately, following some online tricks, you can see people liked you on Chispa without even without paying. However, on a normal basis, Chispa won’t allow you to see who liked you without making a subscription.

When someone likes you on Chispa, you’re going to get notified.

However, when you tap-in to view the profile who just like you, you find yourself scrolling through a list of blurred images for profiles. This is done by Chispa to sort of create a gateway for its content.

However, thankfully, it’s possible to bypass this.

How to see who liked you on Chispa without paying?

There are several methods to get around seeing who liked on you on most dating apps (that requires users to pay), even without making payment.

However, one of the best trick to this is by expanding your distance using the “Distance filter” on Dating apps, which includes Chispa.

So how does it work?

Most dating apps operate with a single or similar algorithm that tend to show you, as a user on the platform, people who have things in common with you and would likely be interested in you.

In most case, someone liking your profile, is a big sign that they’re interested in you.

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To promote user experience, that user would likely pop up on your newsfeed, a few moments later. In other words, you’d be seeing them, even when you didn’t subscribe.

However, for this to show a comprehensive result, you might need to allow your account to show your Chispa profile from a variety of places.

Because there’s the possibility where your location setting can limited not to show profiles from some other country. So it’s best you take it to the maximum.

Read on, to find out how to see who liked you on Chispa without making payments:

  1. Head over to Chispa and login to your account
  2. Go to the settings page and tap on filter
  3. Now tap on distance and extend it to the maximum.
  4. Close the app, afterward.
  5. Reopen it slightly after closing it.
  6. Now, the people who show on the top of your match stack would be people who have liked you within the distance range.

To find the exact profile that liked you, you might want to keep a copy of the screenshot of the blurred photo and compare with the actual profiles of people as you swipe through the match stack.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. It’s quite possible to find who liked you on Chispa without having to pay a dime. In a jiffy, you can achieve this by expanding your distance, and letting the profile who liked you pop on your screen.

Alternatively, if you’re not fine with an app that requires users to pay before seeing who liked them, you might want to look for other dating apps. Hinge is a typical example of a dating app that allows users to see who liked them freely.