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If You Delete Hinge app Does it Unmatch?

Don’t find the Hinge dating app useful? Perhaps you want to take a break on social media, do you think deleting the app is the best option? And does the matches on the app get unmatched when you delete it? This article covers everything you need to know.

If you delete Hinge App does it Unmatch?

Deleting the hinge app is a free decision. You’re allowed to do that, as much as you can. There are basically no restriction.

You may have wanted to delete the hinge app on your device because you’ve already found a partner, you felt like giving yourself a break from social media, wanted to free up some space on your device, or you just felt like doing that.

girl scrolling through the Hinge app - If You Delete Hinge app Does it Unmatch

For whatever reason, you just wanted to delete the hinge app, which is fine. Could there be any implications to this? More specifically, if you delete hinge app, does it unmatch?

No one is going to get unmatched when you delete your Hinge app.

Deleting an app from a phone is done from the user’s end and would only affect the user’s end.

The only exception to this would be when you purposely grant your phone systems the permission to freely access and configure the hinge app on your device. Other than that, the profiles on your match tab isn’t going to get unmatched if the app is deleted.

You also don’t have to worry about that scenario, because it almost can’t happen. Unless you’re someone really techy.

Another exception to this would be when you’re planning on deleting your hinge account.

Note, there are two things here. The first is the app, which we talked about. The second is the hinge account.

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As we said earlier, deleting the hinge app won’t affect your matches. However, if you were to delete your hinge account, you’d lose all your matches, profiles, pictures and most importantly, the whole of your account.

Does your Hinge profile still show if you delete the app?

Provided that you’ve been active within the last 30 days, your Hinge profile will still show even when you delete the app from your device (and not the actual account).

This is because your profile is still technically on the platform. You haven’t made any manual action on your account.

However, undermining whatever reasons that resulted to you deleting the hinge app, make sure to get it back to your phone before a period of 30 days.

This is because, the hinge algorithm has a pattern that does immediately stop showing a profile to users when they are offline for 30 days. In the company owns term, users that are offline for a period of 30 days won’t be shown to others, because they could form an inactive community on the platform.

What happens when you delete hinge app?

Technically, when you delete the hinge app from your device, nothing happens to your actual hinge account – it does literally nothing to your hinge account.

All your content, including your matches, messages, photos and profile information won’t be affected

You could even log into your account using someone else’s phone, after deleting the Hinge app and everything would get back to normal.

However, there’s something to note.

If you delete the hinge app, you need to get back to the app or at least log into your account once every month.

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This because Hinge operates with an algorithm that could get you blacklisted from potential matches in an event when you don’t log into your account within 30 days. This is hinge’s way of making their community active.

Hence, you should only go that long when you’re no longer interested in Hinge.

Because, even though the blacklisting after 30 days of in-activeness is not a permanent action, it could hurt how you show up on the app, when you’re back. It could even take some time before you begin to show up on the platform again.

How to know if someone deleted the hinge app?

We’ve seen so many complaints about how several people lie about getting their hinge app deleted, after snubbing on their matches.

This could actually be true. However, there are still people who play around using this lie.

Now, how can you know if someone actually deleted their hinge app?

  1. If they actually deleted their Hinge app, they are probably not interested in you.
  2. Ask them how long they’ve been inactive on the app.

If they actually deleted their Hinge app, they could not be interested

Depending on how well you guys were vibing before you started noticing the snub, he might just not be interested in you.

It could be fine if someone doesn’t even come on the app for some time and have some other reason for that, other than them deleting the app. Because this shows how they’ve not found interest on the app or in you (if you guys had something common).

Ask them how long they’ve been inactive on the app

If you’ve ever noticed their presence on Hinge even when they claim to have deleted their app, keep calm. You don’t have to freak out.

As we said earlier, even if they had truly deleted the app, their profile would still come up organically on Hinge, not until the 30th day of in-activeness.

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Now, that’s where the need for the question comes in.

Final Thoughts

You’re free to delete the Hinge app off your device at any time you choose to. It’s also worth mentioning that it won’t affect your Hinge account, provided that you don’t stay offline, more than 30 days.


Does deleting Hinge app delete matches?

Deleting the Hinge app from your device does not delete your matches. In fact, when you delete the hinge app, it is only noticed at your end. No one else, including Hinge is aware, talk more of deleting the matches on your behalf.