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Luxurious Honda Pioneer 700-4: Safari Dream Awaits!

Have you ever thought about living the safari lifestyle? Maybe you’d love a life that is intertwined with nature? Then get ready for the Honda Pioneer 700-4! With its sexy, yet quite futuristic design, you might as well get ready to live your modern Jurassic Park life.

Honda Pioneer 700-4
Honda Pioneer 700-4

This baby doesn’t just sport the sleek, futuristic look. It has features that can walk the walk, and talk the talk. I promise you, you will not regret having a look at this super cool, Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), the Honda Pioneer 700-4.

Why Should You Consider The Honda Pioneer 700-4?

Well, do you have tough, manual labor-intensive jobs? Do you want to go on amazing and wonderful adventures? Well then, my good reader, this is the vehicle for you!

Hailing from the Honda Pioneer 700 model series, meaning you have tons of other selections, within the Honda Pioneer 700-4 line, you have tons and tons of features to pick and choose from.

An example of our sample selection is within the newest model, 2023 Pioneer 700 line models. It includes a new dashboard, as well as other interesting instruments that will surely help you at every step of your adventure. Within the 2023 Pioneer 700 models, there is the new Forest Edition, which includes the super-versatile QuickFlip® seating in the bed (the spot where you load all kinds of heavy things), which, if you didn’t know, is a Honda exclusive!

You could even fold that same bed space down into a flat utility space, or maybe you need more seats for extra passengers, well, if you flip it upwards, it has that too!

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Honda Pioneer 700-4 Specifications

The Honda Pioneer 700-4 has three models within its line. The standard Honda Pioneer 700-4, the Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe and the new Pioneer 700-4 Forest Edition all feature the same 675cc Overhead Valve (OHV) Honda Engine and automatic transmission.

If you want the same performance, but with fewer seats at a lower cost, then have no fear! For there are also two-seater Pioneer 700s that you can choose. The degree of freedom is definitely a feature worthy of praise, all you need to do now is take your pick, and start enjoying some Pioneer versatility going hand-in-hand with Honda quality!

New Electric Power Steering

Honda Pioneer 700-4
Electric Power Assisted Steering

Riding through uneven terrain needs some seriously sturdy steering, but this sometimes becomes its downfall as it will get much more difficult to steer a heavy steering wheel without the proper strength. This is why Honda’s electric power steering is renowned as a groundbreaking innovation within the community, but it gets even better!

They added a new next-generation brushless motor with a return-to-center function, making it much easier for the regular driver to manage this beast in all kinds of terrain!

(Available only on the Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe and Pioneer 700-4 Forest Edition)

AT/MT Mode and Paddle Shifters

Honda Pioneer 700-4
Automatic Vs Transmission?

For the rider only immersed in one set of riding transmission, you will have no worries with picking the Honda Pioneer 700-4. Why? That is because this baby lets you choose what type of transmission you want!

Maybe you want the automatic transmission shift for you, or maybe you want to take charge and choose which gears you want to use for yourself via the steering-column mounted paddle shifters? Either way, you can shift from automatic transmission to manual transmission (AT to MT) on the fly!

Rugged 675cc Liquid-Cooled Engine

What is a vehicle without an engine to make it run? This baby is designed to give you power, power and even more power, to go further and beyond! That’s what the 675cc four-stroke single engine is all about.

I know a problem some of you might think with a strong engine is the constant, mind-boggling vibration that you might encounter. Well, the engine’s rubber mounted! Designed to reduce cabin vibration. The engine is also fuel-injected for that reliable ignition and performance even in rainy, inclement weathers.

If you are one to seek out thrilling, adrenaline-filled experiences, this one has proven reliability in hunting down thrill after thrill after thrill!

New Instrument Display

For those that are vision-impaired, maybe you prefer a more boomer-esque design, or you just like being able to see the LCD display screen. Either way, the new instrument display features a size doubled that of the previous unit!

Larger texts make things easier to read, and the whole unit even tilts along with the steering wheel’s tilting capability. The background color was even designed to improve visibility under direct sunlight. What is the future but a box of convenience?


Having discussed all the features of the Honda Pioneer 700-4, I believe you have received enough information to fully make a decision on whether you should give this gem of a UTV a try. Either way, if I’ve managed to keep you reading up to now, well, I’ve done my job! The burden’s all on you now, that safari lifestyle of yours is within your grasp, why not take it?

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