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The Awesome UTV Mud Tires You Should Consider Using! (2022)

Did you just get yourself a new vehicle? Maybe that cool Yamaha Rhino 700? Well, then you might need to concern yourself with UTV mud tires! This is because without the proper wheels on your Utility Terrain Vehicle, you might as well be dooming your ride to the dirt.

UTV Mud Tires
UTV Mud Tires

These gnarly-looking babies are jet-set on letting you stream through any terrain, especially heavily-mudded areas. You won’t have to worry about sinking into a call with your friends asking them for help.

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What Are UTV Mud Tires?

While these tires look like they’re about to be used for some dubious activities, I promise you the looks of these tires aren’t just for show. They are tires specifically used when driving through mud, hence the name, “mud tires”.

UTV Mud Tires
Close up of the wheel which got stuck in mud.

You see the picture on the right? That’s the fate of any vehicle, especially Utility Terrain Vehicles, that go through muddy terrains without the proper wheels to capably carry you through it!

Wheel’s sunken deep enough that it can’t get a proper grip on anything, no matter the motion, forwards or backwards. Basically, the wheel in the picture isn’t designed to get a grip on slippery mud.

Differences Of UTV Tires

There are multiple other tires to choose from depending on what you need. And you might be wondering what exactly changes with these tires, well, if you take a look at them closely, you will notice that there’s a difference in treading to the tire itself.

UTV Mud Tires
Obor Mudfalo SXS/UTV & ATV Mud Terrain Tires

This is what I mean by treading. See those grooves on the tires? They are there to create grip in the tires in the terrain they were specifically made for. That is why normal road tires seem quite flat in comparison.

Because imagine using these on a flat road, the experience would be horrible and entirely bumpy!

UTV Mud Tires – are designed to sink into mud to begin with. The mud would then sink into the little compartments in the wheel, and ejected right back out as the wheel rotates. Effectively digging back into the surface they are in contact with.


UTV Mud Tires
UTV Sand Tires

UTV Sand Tires – unlike, UTV mud tires, are one of the most specialized ATV/UTV tires to accommodate their unique tread pattern. If you were wondering, the front tires can be smooth or have only a few ridges while the back tires have these paddle-like ridges that helps the vehicle dig into the sand.


These treaded tires are specifically designed to be used only on soft sand, and typically are only made to have around a 2-ply construction to be lightweight.

UTV Mud Tires
UTV Racing Tires




UTV Racing Tires – on the other hand, are specifically designed to cleanly ride through smoothed, packed trails at higher speeds. These can be rated with 2-ply to 6-ply.

There really is not anything much more to say here. If you need tires that can go fast through packed trails, like if you were to participate in a UTV / ATV race, then these are the ones for you.

All – Terrain Tires – are just all-purpose tires that serve as the tire middle ground for all kinds of uses, great for everyday, general-purpose riders.

UTV Mud Tires and Details

As previously mentioned, UTV Mud Tires are gnarly-looking tires that boasts deep-treads. Sometimes even more than an inch deep in some times, and with plenty of space between the lugs.

Though it might seem quite obvious, the rugged lugging provides aggressive gripping in all kinds of slick and slippery conditions. The ridging is also angled and flared-out to make them capable of self-cleaning.

Like, when the tires revolve, the tread shoves mud outward from the centerline, helping keep the lugs all clear. In most cases, UTV mud tires come in the order of 6-ply or more, but lighter options are also available! As some drivers might opt for medium or shallow-treaded UTV mud tires if they know that general off-roading will also be in their riding itinerary.

UTV Tire Size Details

When you’ve finally scanned through possible UTV mud tires that you want to buy, you might see numbers embossed on the side of the tire.

Let’s say, as an example, your tire had, 28 x 12 R15 written on the its side. The first number, 28, refers to the diameter of the tire expressed in inches. The second number, 12, of course since there’s length, this one is the tire’s width. The R stands for “Radial,” indicating that this tire is of a radial-ply. And finally the last number, 15, is the rim diameter of the wheels that will accept this tire.


If you need tires that will get you through instances of insanely muddy situations, then look no further and consider getting some quality UTV mud tires! These bad boys will, no doubt, carry you through some serious business present in all kinds of different terrains. But never forget, they may be beastly tires, but you should always consider the best tire to use, for all kinds of situations.

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