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The Best Way On How To Remove A Jeep Soft Top (2022)

To all the jeep owners out there with soft top roofs, you might have wondered how the heck you can even remove that. Well, I’m here to teach you how to remove a jeep soft top, quick and surprisingly quite easily!

How To Remove A Jeep Soft Top
Jeep Soft Top Roof

Keep in mind though, while it is most definitely easy to remove the soft top roof, it is quite a bit inconvenient depending on your jeep, especially when your model of jeep doesn’t use collapsible windows, but rather sliding, removeable ones.

Why Would You Need To Know How To Remove A Jeep Soft Top?

There could be many different reasons why you would want to remove a jeep’s soft top. Maybe you want to roll down your windows and breathe fresh air. Maybe you want to just feel the nice, warm sun baring down on your head as you cruise through the land.

Or, of course, what a car owner would want for their own vehicle. Maybe you want to give that part of your jeep a good ole rinsing. Whatever reason you may have, I will have you know that the way to remove a jeep soft top is pretty straightforward!

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Here Is The Best Way On How To Remove A Jeep Soft Top; a step-by-step process.


This depends on what you want to do first, where do you want to start and what your jeep’s model is. That is because there are two main parts on removing a jeep’s soft top: the front end, and the back end.

how to remove a jeep soft top
Jeep Soft Top Overview

Plus, different models of jeeps have different ways of having their soft top removed. Though, figuring out how to remove a jeep soft top is also quite easy, if you properly inspect your vehicle’s parts and or have read your auto-manual.

For today’s article, we will be focusing on a standard Jeep Wrangler with a normal, rectangular-shaped soft top.

Removing The Back Windows

1. Undo The Velcro And Zippers On The Side Windows.

On how to remove a jeep soft top, the side windows of your jeep will most likely be attached to the frame of your car with Velcro and zippers. So, to undo them, you must lift the edge of the soft top a teeny tiny bit to unlatch the Velcro on top of the window. Then, usually, underneath that Velcro will be a zipper running to the two sides of the window. Unzip them with slowly and fully.

2. Pull Out The Sail Flaps On The Bottom Side Of The Windows.

Another step on how to remove a jeep soft top is to untuck the bottom flaps of the windows that are usually slid into the shallow section of the vehicle’s exterior. If you then pull on the edges of the sail flaps carefully, it should remove them from the sides of your vehicles.

Keep in mind that jeeps with soft tops usually have plastic windows, so you must keep it flat throughout the process, otherwise, it may bend them. Store them properly after removing.

3. Remove Or Roll Up The Back Window.

Like the step says, you have the option of rolling the back window up or fully removing it. Whatever way you want to proceed on how to remove a jeep soft top, you must still unzip the left and right sides of the back window.

If you want to simply roll it up, leave the top zipper area attached. Then you should wrap the back window towards the interior of the vehicle, until you reach the top. It’ll then be up to your discretion on how you want to keep that part in place, but I do recommend using elastic bands.

If you want to completely know how to remove a jeep soft top, well, you just have to unzip the top zipper area and pull up on the bottom bar. This will loosen the back window enough that you can then remove it. And by then, it will be up to you on how you want to store the back window, as long as it is safely stored.

Folding Back The Soft Top

1. Undo The Header Latches Underneath The Sun Visors In The Front Seat.

Another step on how to remove a jeep soft top, is to examine the interior of your vehicle. There should be two flaps above the driver and passenger seat respectively. Otherwise known as sun visors, flip them down and move them away. This should reveal some sort of latch, which should be black.

Pull the latches downward towards you to undo them. Like I previously said earlier, you can do this first before you remove the back windows, or afterwards.

As a side note, if you wanted to only have the front side of the soft top pulled back, then you can just undo the latches and immediately flip the top back.

2. Pull The Back Corner Flaps Down And Fold Them On Top.

This might be a lot of steps, but have faith that this is how to remove a jeep soft top. We’re almost done. Gently tug at the bottom of the corner flaps on the back of your vehicle to remove them and fold them to the roof of your soft top. The corners are secured by sail flaps like the side windows, you see?

3. Press Down On The Latches Above The Front Seat Door Jambs.

Then you may now go on to pushing the latches with your fingers to unlatch the soft top itself from your jeep. Depending on your jeep, this might make the top move backwards automatically, but if not, you might need to help your top move backwards and open up.

4. Release The Latches On Top Of The Jeep.

This is a step that is skippable for those with a two-door model jeep. But for those with four-door model jeeps, there will be two more latches to hold the soft top secure. Simply unlatch them, these ones might need you to press down on it to release it.

5. Fold The Top Back And Secure It With Velcro.

On the final step on how to remove a jeep soft top, you just need to help the soft top fold in on itself. It should look like an accordion through most of it. When it is finally all the way folded, you can then secure it with Velcro.

How To Remove A Jeep Soft Top
Jeep With Soft Top Removed


I have finally listed off all the things you need to do on how to remove a jeep soft top. Have fun with your roof removed, feel free to enjoy the breezy cruising you’ll be doing quite soon!

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