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Top 3 Best Land Loans in Idaho

Being able to own land is not simply a privilege any longer. With Land Loans Idaho in mind, your dream home can be right where you want it.

land loans Idaho

Getting land loans in Idaho might initially seem jarring, but it’s actually quite easier than you think in our techno-centric society. Quite literally, only a few clicks away from that loan that will allow you to get the financing you will need to buy the perfect spot for your new home in Idaho, whether the building plans are in two years or 20.

Land Loans in Idaho: Here is a small list of financing companies in Idaho for you.

WaFd Bank | Lot and Land Loans in Idaho

In considering for land loans in Idaho, you must not forget about the available Lot Loans from WaFd Bank. Not just as a financing company, WaFd being a bank makes them a good option as not only do they offer lot loans but among other things that banks usually offer, such as home loans, credit cards, savings accounts, and more! Here are a few things to consider about WaFd Bank, that might sway your choice in their favor.

  • They offer loans on improved land up to $700,000. Should you consider a short-term lot loan, you are guaranteed to receive a discount on closing costs when you fund the construction of your custom home with them within two years.
  • They also offer a 20-year term lot loan for long-term planning.
  • But that’s not all! Should you need a loan bigger than $700,000, you may contact a local loan officer for a custom quote.
  • They also keep your loan nice and safe instead of making it work within the economy.
  • They showcase competitive mortgage rates and are always with you at every step of the way.
  • You are able to quickly and securely apply for loans online in minutes.

They have also been kind enough to provide an Idaho Lot Loan Calculator within their website! As well as providing more background information that you will need when shopping for a lot, funding your dream home, and even new locations within Idaho that you might be willing to consider. For more application details, go here.

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Mountain America Credit Union | Buy Land now, build on it later.”

Another strong contender for land loans in Idaho, is the great Mountain America Credit Union or MACU for short. More of an in-depth financing company, they are a federally chartered credit union regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration. The fact that they are the second largest credit union in Utah, makes them a pretty good and legit choice for land loans in Idaho.

  • They offer up to 85% financing on approved credit. (Actual APR based on credit worthiness)
  • Fully amortizing fixed-rated and balloon options.
  • Limited refinancing options. (Limit of two lot loans per member)
  • Easy conversion to a construction loan.
  • Easy online application process.

Unfortunately, their loans can only go up to $647,200, compared to WaFd Bank’s $700,000+. But they do provide their own Lot Loan Calculator, information about construction loans that will help you fund the building of your custom, home insurance, and Home Equity Tips.

Payette Financial Services | “Financing Even The Most Difficult Transactions”

The final contender for today’s article is Payette Financial Services. They specialize specifically in financing Land Loans in Idaho, to elaborate even further, their unique feature is in the fact that they prioritize the needs of the people. Many land loans and lot loans that have been financed by Payette Financial have had most of them previously rejected by traditional banks and lenders. Their quote, “financing even the most difficult transactions” seem to ring true.

  • Rather than look for the credit score and financial condition of the borrower, they look to the strength of the land, acreage or development lot pledged as security for the loan.
  • If you have equity in a raw land parcel, acreage or development lot, you can use that to secure land loans and lot loans within Payette Financial.
  • They accept almost any type of commercial land, including, but not limited to, raw land, commercial development lots and farm lands.

In essence, if you want a no-nonsense approach that is underwriting land loan Idaho and lot loan requests quickly, as well as a guarantee in accommodating its borrower’s needs without the extensive documentation requirements of the convention lender in traditional banks and traditional lenders, then you know who to choose!


If you need an all-encompassing platform where you will not only benefit from needing the land loans in Idaho, but even all kinds of other banking needs as well as a bigger land loan, then pick WaFd Bank.

If you need a more traditional but also proven platform, with fully amortized fixed rates, balloon options and refinancing options, then pick Mountain America Credit Union.

If you have existing equity, with either unverified income, bad/no credit, and require the utmost haste, then choose Payette Financial Services.

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