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What Does the Green Star on Chispa mean? (Chispa Icons and Meaning)

Created recently in 2017, Chispa has grown to be one of the top performing dating platforms dedicated to Latin, with aggregates of Spanish descents who stay in the US.

If you’ve just joined the platform newly, you might be overwhelmed by the arrays of features the platform has in store. One of which is the symbols and icons usually displayed following Match’s (the home company’s) tradition.

In this article, we’ll talk in detail about Chispa icons, their meaning, and most importantly, what the green star icon means.

Chispa Icons and Meaning

Even though Chispa might not be the best of dating apps, considering the tallies of unique features, from its algorithm to people specialty, Chispa is a considerable dating platform.

If you’re a user of Chispa, one thing you’ll notice from the platform is its notable messaging feature.

The platform, following its home company, Match Group, places high emphasis on the available features for its messaging end that could be used.

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This is quite commendable, owing to the fact that it’s in the messaging section, the real deal happens -where you share your thoughts and create a relation- and not on a profile or timeline.

Some of the popular icons or symbol used on Chispa includes:

  1. Heart
  2. Star
  3. Cancel
  4. Rocket Icon
  5. Location
  6. Eye Symbol
  7. Dots symbol

Most symbols on here have a far-fetched meaning, rather than your possible thoughts.

From the heart symbol which simply means a user likes or loves your profile to the dots symbol which is mainly used to show the activity of users over time on the platform, there is just a lot to be learned here.

It’s worth mentioning that not all of the symbols are used for messaging. However, they all have a unique meaning and feature, which we’ll talk about in the following paragraphs.

What does the green star on Chispa mean?

The green star on Chispa, also known as Super swipe, is an icon that simply means that a user has said YES to your profile. In other words, the Chispa user is ready to vibe with you and has accepted your profile.

In a case where you’re sent this icon, there are two possible things you can do:

  • Accept
  • Decline

As simple as it appears, you can either accept or decline. To do any one of these, you might also need to leverage the use an icon.

The heart icon, for instance, can be useful at this point.  However, if you wish to, you could also reciprocate the Green star icon.

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Just in case you don’t know, the Heart icon simply means that you like a user’s profile.

To make use of this icon, you can find the icon on your screen when you visit a user’s profile. Alternatively, you could also slide the profile picture rightwards to show this.

Now, if you’re not interested in the Green star sent to you, you also have the option of reverting them. One way to do this is by tapping on the “X” icon, which simply means “NO.”

The cancel icon is a typical opposite of the heart feature. To use this feature, you’ll need to swipe leftwards on the profile picture.

What is the meaning of the icons at Chispa?


As we said earlier, sending a Heart icon to a user simply means that you like their profile.

To use the icon, you can either access it on your screen at the profile you want to heart or you Swipe the profile picture right.


When you receive a green star, simply known as “Star,” it implies that someone sent a “Yes” to your profile on Chispa. It could be that they’re attracted to you, or just want to connect with you.

On the other hand, you could also send a star to someone you like to meet up with.


When you don’t find something interesting or don’t just want to match with someone who sent you a green star, you can go ahead to cancel them.

This can be easily done using the cancel icon, symbolized by an “X.”

Rocket Ship Icon

Just like most other dating platforms from Match, users on Chispa who want to easily gain visibility on the platform have the option of promoting their page. However, they’ll need to put their hands in their pockets.

The Rocketship Icon is one that shows on a user profile when they promote their account using the Chispa boost feature.

It’s worth mentioning that this icon is not used for messaging, rather only shows on the top profile of a user when their account is being promoted.

Eye Symbol

Just like the Rocketship icon, the Eye symbol is also not a messaging feature.

If you notice the eye symbol on your dashboard at Chispa, it simply means someone is currently viewing your profile picture.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Chispa has a number of advanced messaging features, of which the icons comes significant. Knowing these meanings, you can go ahead to take advantage of them, as there are no restrictions.

As a rule for all, you can keep the flow moderate, so as not to sound weird.

Good luck!