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Why hasn’t he unmatched me on bumble? Here’s what happened

So you’ve been conversing with someone on bumble, and then they no longer respond to your message. More like, they just ghosted you. The weird part of this is when they don’t unmatch you. What do you think could be the problem? Read on to find out.

Why hasn’t he Unmatched me on bumble?

Have you ever been ghosted but not unmatched on Bumble? Then that’s a hard feeling you’ve gone through there.

You might be chatting with someone on bumble and might have even gone to the extent of having to promise each other a meet up. And all of a sudden, the user stop replying to your messages.

Girl chatting with her laptop -Why hasn't he unmatched me on bumble

It is even more heartbreaking, owing to the fact that Bumble don’t have read receipts that tell you when someone reads your message.

However, don’t be quick to judge.

While some persons won’t unmatch you because they plan to get back to you after playing around, there are some others that are passing through some problems that have led them to ghost you, unpurposely.

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In fact, for the person, not unmatching you yet, simply means that there might be a reason why they have ghosted you.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons he hasn’t unmatched your on Bumble.

  1. He is going through some hard times 
  2. He forgot About the app
  3. Lazy to reply and no Longer interested
  4. He feels bad to Unmatch you
  5. He wants to keep their Confidence boost

They’re going through some hard times

Life isn’t a bed of roses. Not all times do things go as planned.

Your bumble partner might have been having a financial, family or personal crisis and decided to take a break online. It could be a sudden sickness that have led them to stay on the sick bed for a couple of months, away from the online world.

So you can’t just tell.

And that’s why your best response to him not messaging you and not Unmatching you on bumble should be to stay calm. Better still, contact him through his phone number, if you have that or try to locate him (if you guys were into something deep, and he felt genuine).

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Alternatively, to get over the emotional pain, you can move on to find some other better person on the app.

However, before making any decision, give it a minimum of 7 days. If they can’t contact within this period, then they have no excuse.

He forgot About the app

This could happen more often, if he hasn’t really found the type of person he is looking for. As a result, they forgot about the app and stopped login into it, leaving you still matched.

Depending on how you guys were conversing before his sudden ghosting, you could try contacting him or move on with your life and look forward to finding a better person on the app.

However, if the reason to why he hasn’t unmatched you on bumble but still ghosting you, is because they forgot about the app, they’re simply not interested in you.

Lazy to reply and no Longer interested

This could be quite funny, but yeah, it happens.

Most people would ignore chats, when they’re no longer interested in you and won’t want to take the route to unmatching you. This is common mostly among men.

Most men won’t unmatch you, unless there’s a significant problem between the both of you.

He feel bad to Unmatch you

This is common among men.  If you’re conversing pretty well with them for a while, they become hooked to you and find it hard it to just unmatch youout of nowhere.

Also, some can’t get over the reality that if they unmatch you, you’ll be blocked forever. So it’s better they just keep contact with you. Probably, in the future you guys could still converse.

He wants to keep their Confidence boost

Most people might just want to keep you on their list of matches, to keep their confidence boost. And avoid a desert wall, void of new chats, messages or people on their Bumble account.

What to do if you’re ghosted but not unmatched on bumble

Ghosting is quite one of the painful gifts you could receive in a relationship, which could lead to an emotional breakdown.

This is because ghosting is a form of rejection, as it silently ends a relationship without a straight communication or even getting a reason for the ignored chats.

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Assuming you’re ghosted on bumble, here’s what you can do:

1. Don’t try contacting them

Before taking this decision, however, you should give them at least a period of 7 days to chat you back.

This is enough time for them to have gathered themselves, in the event of crisis in their life. But if peradventure, they can’t contact you within this period, it shows how they don’t value you.

At this point, the best thing to do is to move on and avoid trying contacting them.

2. Move on

Bumble opens you to a load of opportunities. If your supposed partner no longer responds to your text or messages, you could give him a period of 7 days, as stated earlier.

Failure for him to contact you, move on to find a better person, which are literally littered all around the app.

3. Thank Yourself

Rather than finding faults on what you might have done wrong, you should thank yourself for discovering who this person is, at the early stage.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. There could be a load of reason why he hasn’t unmatched you on bumble, but yet doesn’t reply your messages.

In fact, if they get back to you, they could have a load of things to tell you, why they were on a ghost mode. Some which could be fabricated.

However, a rule for all is that if they can’t contact you within a period of seven days, it simply means they’re not interested in you, or you’re not just on their priority list.